Heavy Metal Videos

Here you will find links to many metal music videos and live videos of your favourite bands. Some of them need to be downloaded, the other videos can be viewed on the internet.

Download Free Metal Videos

Many bands offer their videos for free download on their official homepage. Below you find the direct link to some of them so you don't have to search for yourself. Please note that the metal videos may have been moved or deleted since they are not hosted on

- Arch Enemy: Live Videos (Under Music > Samples)

- Brainstorm: "Highs Without Lows" Video

- Dragonforce: Many Live Videos

- Edguy: "King of Fools" Music Video

- Evergrey: 5 Official Music Videos and More (scroll down)

- Kamelot: 2 Music Video and 2 Live Video Downloads

- Lost Horizon: "Again Will the Fire Burn" Music Video

- Nocturnal Rites: Many Live Videos

- Paradise Lost: "Forever After" and "Erased" Videos.

- Savatage: Some Music Videos.

- Sentenced: 4 Music Videos.

- Sonata Arctica: "Broken" and "Wolf and Raven" Videos

- Stratovarius: several Music Videos

Streaming Metal Music Videos

The following metal videos are streaming videos and that means you can view them directly on the internet. You don't have to download the videos however you still need the Windows Media Player to play them.

Metallica Videos
More will follow soon.

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