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03 Oct 2005: Trivium: Wrap Up UK Tour
03 Oct 2005: Therion Continue With Their Tour
03 Oct 2005: Within Temptation Prepare A New Live DVD
03 Oct 2005: Dehumanized Seek New Drummer And Lead-Guitarist
03 Oct 2005: More Details On New Cradle Of Filth DVD Released
03 Oct 2005: Destroyer 666: Possibly Touring Europe With Revenge
30 Sep 2005: Wintersun Announce New Album Title
29 Sep 2005: Caliban: Update On New Album
29 Sep 2005: Dark Tranquillity, Chimaira And Hatesphere Team Up For European Tour
29 Sep 2005: Fecal Corpse Finish Their New Album

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Trivium: Wrap Up UK Tour

Trivium frontman Matt Heafy has posted the following statement online to all their UK fans:

"Thank you all so much, our first ever headlining tour has been off the fucking charts - amazing - the tour has been sick! holy shit! we can't express enough how much the support means to us and truly how much fun we have had.

I don't even really know what to say other than - goddamn do the British know their metal.

I'm talking great moshing, air guitar-ing solos, soccer chants "Trivium" "Trivium" "Trivium" thrown in, great pits, meeting as many people as humanly possible - all of it - it's been rad.

The crappy part about all of it... is that it's about to end, only 1 more show then the UK/Northern Ireland part of the Ascendancy Tour comes to an end.

We plan on being back in the UK/Northern Ireland in March of '06 and by the looks of it next March will be sicker than the Ascendancy Tour, can't wait!!

Then we're off to Europe and back to reality supporting Arch Enemy and Soilwork in Europe, we are definitely looking forward to seeing our European friends - here we come.

Then it is off to Japan - we can't wait to finally meet our Japanese friends and have some fun seeing what they are capable of - we have heard great things about the Japanese and their love of metal.

Thanks again for all the kind thoughts, emails, comments and support - we'll see you soon."

03 Oct 2005

Therion Continue With Their Tour

The following was posted on Therion's official website:

"After all the sad news finally some positive news; the new tour bus is excellent, the best we've ever had actually. So we should be more than fine for the rest of the tour.

And now a message to fans in eastern USA and Canada. Normally this would be written in 'Email from Kliffoth', but as I'm anyway at it writing some news I'll just post it here.

We have now completed the round trip in USA/Canada and are now going back to territories where we have already been. We have therefore decided to change the set-list so that people who have already seen us play in cities like Montreal, Toronto, Worcester, NYC, Cleveland etc and is up for another round will geet to hear some 4-5 different songs. After several requests from fans we will insert among other songs 'Siren of the Woods' on the set list.

It seems very unlikely that we would tour headline over the U.S. again (if we come back it will be in a package with other bands of some sort), so it's also likely the last possibilities to see us make a set longer than 1.5 hours over here.

I also want to take the opportunity to thank all of you who showed up at the shows and perticulary you folks who we saw at more than one show."

03 Oct 2005

Within Temptation Prepare A New Live DVD

Within Temptation have posted the following message on their official website:

"In November last year our third album 'The Silent Force' came out in Europe and we recently just released it in the UK as well. Things have been going great, and after a summer full of cool European shows it was also good to see some of our UK fans in London and at the Bloodstock Festival earlier this month. We are happy and a little proud to look back on a year full of highlights.

Now, the festival season is almost over. Everyone thinks Within Temptation are going to sit back and put our feet up! On the contrary, we are currently preparing the release of a new live DVD which will contain the special concert we did on Amsterdam's Java Island, cuts from many other live shows, interviews and backstage footage plus the promo videos since the previous DVD (from the Mother Earth tour). We want to get as many highlights on the DVD('s) as possible for our fans! The release of the 'The Silent Force Tour' DVD is scheduled for November 21st. And in the UK, to follow on from our first single 'Stand My Ground', we are also working on our second single - which will be 'Angels'.

But there is still more good news to announce! There will be a new album in 2006, maybe around the summer. Before that though, a new band member will see the light of day... Sharon is five months pregnant and she & Robert expect a baby in January 2006.

The last two years have really given a boost to our inspiration for new songs - we already have a lot of ideas. After the DVD is finished we will be concentrating on writing in order to surprise you with a fresh and an interesting mix of songs as soon as possible!

Today we have been informed that Within Temptation have been nominated for the 'Best Dutch & Belgian Act' Award at MTV's European Music Awards held in Lisbon on November 3rd. If you like, you can vote for Within Temptation at

We would like to thank all of our fans who made it possible for us to play so many international festivals and shows this summer. We enjoyed being on stage in front of you very much and we look forward to seeing you again very soon!”

03 Oct 2005

Dehumanized Seek New Drummer And Lead-Guitarist

The death metal band Dehumanized from New York has posted the following message on their official website:

"Dehumanized is now looking for a full-time death metal drummer and lead guitar player in the NJ/NY area. You must have professional equipment, a positive attitude, playing experience, stage presence, transportation, availability, and a willingness to record, travel, and tour (that includes outside of the U.S.)

Now this is a very serious post. So please do not waste your time and our time. We are a very serious death metal band, with plans to record, tour, the whole works. We have a following, and they are loyal and getting bigger. Please pass this message on to anyone you feel can be a help us. Or get in touch with us if YOU feel up to the task at hand via e-mail which is on our website or through here, myspace. We would greatly appreciate it, and thank you for your help.

Mike, John, and Rich - Dehumanized

All interested parties in the NJ/NY area can contact Mike at 201-927-0321, e-mail"

03 Oct 2005

More Details On New Cradle Of Filth DVD Released

More details have been released for Cradle Of Filth's new DVD which will be named "Peace Through Superior Firepower" and is due out October 30th through Roadrunner Records. The following is a list of the full content:

90 minutes of live performance shot on April 2nd, 2005 at Elysee Montmartre Paris

Concert track listing:

1. Gilded Cunt
2. Nemesis
3. Mannequin
4. Black Goddess Rises
5. Gothic Romance
6. Her Ghost In The Fog
7. Nymphetamine
8. Tortured Soul Asylum
9. The Forest Whispers My Name
10. Bruise Upon The Silent Moon
11. The Promise of Fever
12. 13 Autumns and a Widow
13. Mother of Abominations
14. Painting Flowers White Never Suited My Palette
15. From The Cradle to Enslave

6 promo videos:

A Promise of Fever
Babylon AD
Her Ghost in the Fog
No Time To Cry (SISTERS OF MERCY cover)

Image Gallery

Backstage Footage

45 minutes of backstage documentary and interview with Dani
10 minutes of other documentary footage at a Virgin Megastore signing.

03 Oct 2005

Destroyer 666: Possibly Touring Europe With Revenge

K.K. Warslut, the frontman of Australian black/death/thrash metal band Destroyer 666 has posted the following message on the band's website:

"Our hounour and respect to all those who have supported the band over the last few years. Finally a new site to clarify the rumours, statiate the curious and enthrall the devout. First off, Id like to thank and send Hails to our new webmaster L.Kaos.

Since 2004 D666 has a new bass player. Almost human Matt, (part) man behind London based Razor of Occam

We can announce that D666 will probably tour next April. We are hoping to organize a European tour along with Revenge.

Im also working on getting D666 to Sth America. So I urge all the Sth American maniacs to send your death threats to Mutliation Records.

D666 has given permission to Hells HeadBangers label to release, later this year, the Pic. Disc version of "Cold Steel...for an Iron Age" It will come with a new revised cover, and will also come with a jacket/sleeve featuring different artwork again. This is off course important for the band. As the unsolicited artwork from the previously released CD/LP S.O.M version still ranks as one of the worst attempts at record cover design ever attempted.

This new version will feature an extra track form the "Cold Steel..." session entitled "The Dragon" and will also feature alternate versions of "The Calling" and "The Fall of Shadows".

We are currently working on a LP, featuring all D666 7" tracks. As well as 2 unreleased tracks which were originally recorded Oct.2003 as 7" to commerate that years aussie tour. Alas, I remained unsatisfied with the vocals, and the songs sat around forgotten till recently. We hope this will be of benefit for those still tormenting (me) for copies of the 7"s.
May be released Jan 2006. "

03 Oct 2005

Wintersun Announce New Album Title

The Finnish viking/melodic metallers Wintersun have published the following news:

"We have booked studios to record the second Wintersun album. The recordings will start in May 2006 at Sonic Pump Studios with Nino Laurenne. The mixing will happen in the beginning of July. There´s still work that needs to be done with the songs, but I´m sure we´ll get there. I believe that this will be a very strong album and I´m very excited about it! The working title for the album is 'Time'."
30 Sep 2005

Caliban: Update On New Album

Germany's Caliban have posted the following message on their website:

"The preproduction turned out great and today we started to record our new album, this time in germany, near münster at the principal studios. The record will be produced by Anders Friden (In Flames) and mixed by Andy Sneap (Machine Head, Killswitch Engage, Arch Enemy), just like last time.

The title of our new album will be "The Undying Darkness" and will contain a couple of surprises:-). So far the klicktracks are recorded and drums are also done for a couple of songs. We will post frequent updates during the recording process and also upload some pictures, so check back for news!
For the new record we will also do a full european headline run and we will start soon to announce the first couple of dates...."

You can also hae a look at studio pictures here

29 Sep 2005

Dark Tranquillity, Chimaira And Hatesphere Team Up For European Tour

The Swedish band Dark Tranquillity has posted the following message online:

"Between the 28st of November and the 21st of December, we'll be spreading the gospel throughout Europe with Chimaira, Hatesphere and Bullet For my Valentine. The headlining slot will be switched between us and Chimaira depending on the country, but the playing time will be equal regardless of the position on the bill. In other words, it's a real co-headline tour (as opposed to certain other trips in the past that have been labeled as such for no apparant reason).

Here are the tentative dates. More shows and more info will be added soon, so this isn't the final list.

December 6 - Paris, FRA @ Trabendo
December 8 - Antwerp, BEL @ Hof Terlo
December 9 - Haarlem, NETH @ Patronaat
December 10 - Utrecht, NETH @ Tivoli
December 11 - Bochum, GER @ Zeche
December 12 - Hamburg, GER @ Knust
December 13 - Cologne, GER @ Live Music Hall
December 14 - Stuttgart, GER @ Die Rohre
December 16 - Milan, IT @ Live Music Club
December 17 - Cesena, IT @ Viada
December 18 - Trevisto, IT @ New Age
December 19 - Ljubljana, SLO @ Vpk Mediapark
December 20 - Linz, AUT @ Posthof
December 21 - Munich, GER @ Elser Zusatzhalle

And - as usual - we're not in any way involved in the booking, so we can't answer any questions about where, when and why. As soon as we get to know something, we'll post it here for all to see. Thanks!"

29 Sep 2005

Fecal Corpse Finish Their New Album

The Fecal Corpse vocalist "Fecal" Ed has posted the following message online:

"Alright, I know it's been a while since the last update and a LOT has been happening. The cd is completely finished, recorded, mixed, mastered, etc and will be sent off to the pressing plant shortly.Two tracks('Cannibalistic Tendencies' and 'Wood Against Flesh') have been thrown up at our myspace page It will be available during the first few weeks of October. We've been confirmed for the Arizona Death Fest, which will be taking place April 7/8. Some other touring works are in being talked about right now but no real info as of right now. We'll keep you posted. For all you cockfags out there wanting to see the layout for the cd done by the almighty Lou Rusconi, I've thrown it up on the site here ( that's all for now"

29 Sep 2005

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