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18 Oct 2005: Vehemence: Member Comments On Band Breakup
18 Oct 2005: God Dethroned Is Back From US Tour
08 Oct 2005: Streaming MP3 Player On
08 Oct 2005: Behemoth: Check In From The Road
08 Oct 2005: Norther Lose Drummer And Seek Replacements
08 Oct 2005: Unexpect Reveal New Album Title
08 Oct 2005: Vomitory Lose Their Guitarist After 15 Years
08 Oct 2005: Cover Art for Sepultura DVD Posted Online
08 Oct 2005: Opeth: First Tour Dates Cancelled Due To Visa Issues
03 Oct 2005: Big Content Update On

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Vehemence: Member Comments On Band Breakup

Vehemence guitarist John Chavez and Bjorn Dannov have posted comments on the band's breakup online:

John: "Yah guys, it is true. I tried hard to persuade the guys to keep it together, but they felt this was the best time to throw in the towel and move on to the next chapter. I started to feel it too after what was said and presented. Basically, the overall vibe of Vehemence was decreasing. The songs were good, and I think the whole thing with Sean Vandegrift not producing lyrics for 6 months, and not moving down to Phoenix had something to do with the frustration and tension within the band leading to its demise. It would have been an awesome new Vehemence record, a lot of twists and turns in the music, most diverse record ever. With replacing Nathan Gearhart founder of Vehemence, and creator of the name, it would be a different kind of presence; it would also be far from the lyrics/stories with another guy writing for us. We didnít really give Adam Cody a chance to write a whole lot either maybe a couple weeks and the stuff he came up with was pretty awesome stuff to say the least. Some bands just overwrite their old singers and move on with a new vibe and new era, but that wasnít the case with us unfortunately.

Itís a shame we didnít quit during the peak of our career, thatís usually 5 albums in with some worldwide touring, but better now than later I guess. I am upset about this, just like all the others out there that really dug our band expecting something new and groundbreaking. A lot of new material will not be heard in the Vehemence fashion, done by Dannov, Schroeder, & Kozuback anymore instead youíll hear bits and pieces of it in the other bands/projects we are affiliated with. Hope you guys enjoy whatever music we put out next.

Myself, I am going to try to pursue a life on the road that can tour for 2 years straight with a band I create, join up with, or collaborate with, and I think with working with the right diehard 110% individuals, that will occur. "

Bjorn: "Itís just seemed like the right thing to do. Trust me, I'm bummin on this... Seeing what people are saying really bums me out. The Black Dahlia dudes even said something on stage last night... made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, heh. But without Nate, it was just something else. Don't get me wrong, if we did record the new album, it would have been great still but not Vehemence.

We'd have to prove ourselves, and thatís a load of shit. I really think we came up with some of our strongest music this year though. Some of the tunes I wrote are gonna be used in my new band, Abigail Williams. I'm sure John will use his songs in his next band. If you want to hear what the next Vehemence could have been, you're just gonna have to check out our new bands once we put some cd's out.

Abigail Williams is going into the studio at the end of the month. We should have an EP out on a small European label in the upcoming months. I'll keep you all posted."

18 Oct 2005

God Dethroned Is Back From US Tour

The Dutch band God Dethroned have posted the following message on the band's official website:

"Hailz to all the mighty worms who visited us during our US & Canadian trip the last 5 weeks! We had a great fuckin' time on the road and it was cool to meet some old friends and fans again and to meet loads of new ones!
Unfortunately a few shows were cancelled. We don't know why, but for all of you who showed up for nothing, sorry, but it was totally beyond our control.
Also many thanx to everyone who attended our shows at the European summer festivals. You guys fucking ruled! Right now we are already working on new material for another album. We are planning to enter the studio in January 2006 latest. We can't wait to go back out on the road again.
See you guys soon! Cheers~"

18 Oct 2005

Streaming MP3 Player On

We have added a little streaming MP3 player to You can find it in the top right corner of every page. Currently the playlist is only six songs small (which are all available for free to prevent copyright issues) but we will probably add more soon!

Please note you need the Macromedia Flash Player and a new browser that supports iframes to use it.
08 Oct 2005

Behemoth: Check In From The Road

The Polish band Behemoth has posted the following message :

"Letís start with the first show that took place in San Diego, on West Coast. Although we showed up pretty late and didnít have much time to check our new equipment we enjoyed the whole thing a lot. The audience was simply amazing. The same night we left to Las Vegas, where the second concert took place. It was our first time that weíve ever played in this city and again, the audience made our day! All the bands kicked serious ass that evening but Danzig set was a highlight of the night. I need to mention that me and my band mates will never forget that night in Vegas for some other reasons that Iím gonna keep as a secret, ha ha. Anyway, big THANK U to all the Century Media friends that took such a good care of us that evening! We had a blast! Viva Las Vegas!Ē commented Nergal on first few shows.

ďLast night we played in San Francisco, in front of 1500 people. It was outside the venue and that night was rather chilly and windy but the crowd made this show sooo fuckiní hot! Probably our best concert in SF so far. You deserve all our respect. Keep it up! Chimaira was really tight that evening. Very good set, but again Mr. Danzig blew everything away with their amazing performance.Ē

08 Oct 2005

Norther Lose Drummer And Seek Replacements

Finnish melodic death metal band Norther have posted the following message on the internet:

"Norther will part ways with drummer Toni Hallio. The decision was totally on Toniís behalf (there are no hard feelings!). Toni wants to focus on other things in the future. Toni wishes all the best for the band and the fans!

PS. He will play the two following gigs this week, so if you want to see him (or the band) come to the gigs!!

We are currently looking for a new drummer. These news are mostly for finnish people but if you (from somewhere else than Finland) feel that you could contribute something, please send an email to
(only very experienced drummers please)."

08 Oct 2005

Unexpect Reveal New Album Title

The classical black metal act Unexpect from Montreal have posted an update on the recording of their debut album for The End Records:

ďOnly one and a half weeks of recording left before the mix....we FINALLY have arrived at our destination after a long and rather intense trip in audioland.

We're completely satisfied with the mood and feeling of the album....some heads will explode I can assure you...

We're gonna play two new songs from the upcoming album at the Day of the Equinox ( ) on October 14th in Toronto....t'will be funnnnnnnnn...

By the way the new album is going to be titled "In A Flesh Aquarium" and will be approximately 60 minutes in length.

That's it for now! See ya in Toronto!Ē

08 Oct 2005

Vomitory Lose Their Guitarist After 15 Years

The death metal band Vomitory from Sweden have posted the following message online:

"We are very sorry to break the news that guitarist Ulf Dalegren has decided to leave Vomitory after fifteen years in the band. Life changes quite a lot during fifteen years and the priorities we need to make change as well along with it. We hate to see Ulf go, but we understand and respect his decision to 100%. We part our musical ways as the best of friends and continue as drinking companions just as usual. We wish him the best of luck with everything in the future!

Uffe - we salute you!

Here are Ulf's own words:

'It's with great sadness in my worm infested death metal heart that I have to announce my departure from Vomitory. I feel that there's no need for details. It's on a personal level, that's it. All I can say is that there are no hard feelings between me and the other guys. I wish them all the luck and hope that the band will be out there spreading high quality death metal for many years to come. I'll return, don't know where - don't know when.

Death is meant to last forever


We will still do the shows in UK, Ireland, The Netherlands and Sweden in November just as planned. Our good friend Lord K Philipsson (The Project Hate, God Among Insects) is helping us out on the November shows. Kudos to K!

After the November shows we will begin searching for a new permanent guitarist. More updates on this later."

08 Oct 2005

Cover Art for Sepultura DVD Posted Online

Sepultura have releases the cover art for their forthcoming DVD, "Live in Sao Paulo". You can have a look at it here.

The tracklisting will look like this:

1. Intro
2. Apes of God
3. Slave New World
4. Propaganda
5. Attitude
6. Choke
7. Inner Self / Beneath the Remains
8. Escape to the Void
9. Mindwar
10. Troops of Doom (w/ Jairo Guedz)
11. Necromancer (w/ Jairo Guedz, KRISIUN's Alex Kolesne)
12. Sepulnation
13. Refuse/Resist
14. Territory
15. Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos (w/ Zť GonzŠles, B-Negao)
16. Bullet the Blue Sky
17. Reza (w/ R.D.P.'s Jo„o Gordo)
18. Biotech Is Godzila (w/ Jo„o Gordo)
19. Arise / Dead Embryonic Cells
20. Come Back Alive
21. Roots Bloody Roots

08 Oct 2005

Opeth: First Tour Dates Cancelled Due To Visa Issues

Opeth have posted the following on their official website:

"It is with regret that the first couple of dates on the OPETH US tour will have to be postponed due to a delay in getting the bands work visas through, at this stage one can 100 % confirm that the Mesa and Los Angeles dates will not happen, we are working to save the San Francisco date and will almost certainly start the tour in Portland. We are working on rescheduling the postponed dates. More news soon!"

The affected dates are:

October 9 - Phoenix, AZ @ Marquee Theatre
October 10 - West Hollywood, CA @ House of Blues
October 11 - San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore

08 Oct 2005

Big Content Update On

Yes, we did it again! Yesterday about 15,000 new pages of content were added to The update includes about 800 different buddy icons from hundreds of metal bands and artists (to be used in the instant messenger of your choice) as well as metal tablatures for about 9,000 songs (including tabs for guitar, abss and drums!).

03 Oct 2005

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