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21 Oct 2005: Symphony In Peril Announce Breakup
21 Oct 2005: Nonpoint - To the Pain Tracklisting
18 Oct 2005: Rhino Bucket Announce October Performance
18 Oct 2005: Slipknot 9.0:Live E-Card and Banner Available
18 Oct 2005: Disturbed Cancel Remaining European Tour Dates
18 Oct 2005: Mudvayne 'Masters of Horror' Tour Will Start This Winter
18 Oct 2005: Darkane Comment On First North American Tour
18 Oct 2005: Theatre Of Tragedy: Update On New Album
18 Oct 2005: Wednesday 13 Will Film New Video
18 Oct 2005: In Flames Prepare For Motorhead Tour

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Symphony In Peril Announce Breakup

Symphony In Peril have announced the decision to disband the band in the following message:

"After almost four years, two full length recordings, and many shows, we as
Symphony In Peril have decided to call it quits. This was a completely mutual decision between all members, and we are still the best of friends. We would like to thank John for helping us out this past summer so we didn't have to cancel any shows. We apologize to all of those that wanted to see us but never got a chance to. However, we will be playing four final shows, and best of all, Shawn will be there with us taking over the vocal duties. We would like to thank all the bands we got a chance to share a stage with...but most of all, we thank our fans. A huge debt of gratitude goes out to all of you for your unrelenting support throughout this journey.

Thank you to anyone who let us sleep on their floor, or supported us in any other way, whether it be purchasing merch, or just sending an email out to us. We couldn't ask for better fans, and our sincerest thanks goes out to all of you."

21 Oct 2005

Nonpoint - To the Pain Tracklisting

The complete tracklisting for Nopoint's new album called "To the Pain" that will be released November 8 on Bieler Bros Records has been released:

1. Bullet With a Name
2. There?s Gonna be a War
3. The Wreckoning
4. Alive and Kicking
5. Explain Yourself
6. Buscandome
7. The Pain
8. Explain Myself
9. Rendition
10. Skin
11. Code Rode
12. The Longest Beginning
13. The Shortest Ending

21 Oct 2005

Rhino Bucket Announce October Performance

Rhino Bucket have announced another show and are set to play live on October 29 at Paladino's, in Tarzana CA.

Their new album will be released on February 21 on Acetate Records but you can already pre-order it about 3 weeks before the release. You can find more infos at or

18 Oct 2005

Slipknot 9.0:Live E-Card and Banner Available

Slipknot have released an e-card and a banner for their forthcoming live album "9:0 Live" online. You can chec them out at the following links:

18 Oct 2005

Disturbed Cancel Remaining European Tour Dates

Disturbed have cancelled the remaining dates of their European tour without giving any reason to their fans. They will still launch the first date of the Jagermeister Fall Tour with Corrosion Of Conformity on November 4 in Minneapolis.

18 Oct 2005

Mudvayne 'Masters of Horror' Tour Will Start This Winter

Mudvayne will be launching their 'Masters of Horror' Tour this Winter together with Sevendust, 10 Years and Bobaflex. A full listing of dates and official routing will probably follow soon.

18 Oct 2005

Darkane Comment On First North American Tour

As their first full-fledged tour of North America is set to start on October 28th the guitarist and founding member of Darkane, Christofer Malmström, has posted the following comment:

"Finally! We have been waiting for so many years for this opportunity, and now it's finally come... What a great package! It´s unbelievable! We´ve been fans of Fear Factory and Strapping Young Lad since many years back, and we´ve practically grown up with Soilwork here in Helsingborg, so this is really a dream coming true for us! Ever since we released our debut album Rusted Angel back in 1999, we´ve received requests from American fans to come over and tour, and believe me, we've always wanted to, but circumstances have made it impossible until now."

With a high-profile maiden tour, a well-received album, and eager fans awaiting their arrival, what will be the most difficult thing Darkane will face while out on the road?

"It will be quite hard to decide what songs we are going to play," muses Malmström. "We haven´t toured that side of the world before, and fans have many different favorite songs. With only a 30 minute set each night, it will be difficult to choose music from all our albums, but because we don't want people to leave disappointed, we´ll alternate our setlist from evening to evening, so if you see us more than one time, chances are big that you´ll hear the song you've been waiting to hear!"

Christmas is coming early for fans of extreme drumming, as the upcoming Transgression Tour will place Darkane's own Peter Wildoer on the same stage as Fear Factory's Raymond Herrera, Strapping Young Lad's Gene Hoglan, and Soilwork's Dirk Verbeuren. Is there anything the band is looking forward to?

"I've always been interested in geography, so for me personally, I´m looking forward to experiencing new places I've never been to like Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Toronto, and Vancouver. I'm sure very city will be a fucking blast... I will finally get to meet the drummer in my solo project in Vancouver, Ryan van Poederooyen, who I've never met in person!"

18 Oct 2005

Theatre Of Tragedy: Update On New Album

The band Theatre Of Tragedy has posted the following message on their website:

"Things are coming together now and the songs are already now sounding great.

Last week the finishing touch on the bass were laid down by Magnus Westgaard (Nell’s brother), our “rent-a-brilliant bassplayer”. He went through the songs like knife through butter. One of the best sounding bass rig we’ve ever heard.

We started by recording the synths last week as well. This time we actually recorded the songs live, instead of programming lots of stuff. It sounds and feels much better with all the songs. On some songs we even got the chance to record some real grand-piano. Last Friday the boys (Lorentz, Rico, Børge & Vegard) went into Fagerborg Studio in Oslo to record on a Steinway & sons C4 grand piano.

Not used to the heavyweight keys Lorentz hammered his way through hell and back to get it right. After the molestation of the grand piano we all went back to the studio happy as hell. It sounds Fantastic!!! We’re going to put up some video clips of it. Just hang around this space for more info.

As most of the songs has strings as a major part of the sound, we brought in Sareeta from Ram-Zet (whom we befriended on the “Assembly” tour 2002) to play some violin for us. She just received a new electrical violin which she used for these recordings. A pure evil specimen, with the beautiful name Thea. You can see it in the picture section.

Right now Frank and Vegard are in the studio electrifying the songs with a wall of guitar sound!. Just to make sure the sound is going to be killer, we amped them up with Engl, Mesa Boogies and Marshalls to play their Gibson Gothic guitars through. IT SOUNDS HEAVY AS F**K!

Watch this space for more updates..."

18 Oct 2005

Wednesday 13 Will Film New Video

Wednesday 13 will follow up their video for 'I Walked With A Zombie' with a clip for 'Bad Things'.

He revealed, "We just returned from the Australia/Japan tours which were completely insane. Thanks to all the fans for your undying support and we'll see you again very soon. Things are better than ever in the 13 camp now, mentally and physically. New management is now in place and we are getting ideas and plans sorted for 2006 as I speak. The editing for the video 'Bad Things' should be completed by the end of the week. The clip will contain compiled live and backstage footage from all over the world from the past year. We are capturing a year's worth of footage in three and half minutes, so it should be interesting."
18 Oct 2005

In Flames Prepare For Motorhead Tour

In Flames has posted the following message online:

"Hello folks, it´s been a while since we checked in. Home safe after the Ozzfest adventure we had a couple of weeks off. A lot of exciting things happened in the In Flames camp.

Finally we signed a new deal in the US. It was Ferret Records that got the honour, and we can´t wait for the new disc to hit the stores, and for us to start a new trek around the world to meet all of you wonderful people again. It will be so awesome to finally play some of the new trax live on stage.

Right now we are preparing for the UK Motorhead

Yes, we´re looking forward to a month filled with Stout, Singlemalt and loads of Metal ! Hope to see you there."

18 Oct 2005

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