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24 Oct 2005: Callisto Begin Work On New Album
24 Oct 2005: Behemoth Announce Australia Tour for January 06
22 Oct 2005: Ex-Nasum Members Form New Project
22 Oct 2005: No More Brainstorm Shows In 2005
22 Oct 2005: Suidakra Start Work On New Album
21 Oct 2005: Arch Enemy Message To Fans
21 Oct 2005: Orphanage Break Up After 11 Years
21 Oct 2005: Behemoth: Check In From Blackest Of The Black Tour
21 Oct 2005: Meshuggah Comment On Detroit Cancellation
21 Oct 2005: God Dethroned Will Support The Haunted On European Tour

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Callisto Begin Work On New Album

According to a spokesperson for the band:

“We have started the pre-production of our second album with Jonas Olsson. So far we have completed five songs and five songs are in the works. In December we will head into the studio in the backwoods of the northern west-coast (of Finland) countryside, around where most of us grew up.

The album will be produced and engineered by Jonas. The mixing and mastering will be done elsewhere (not yet confirmed) and the album will be released during the first half of next year.”

Due to the recording process we will not be touring this year anymore. We promise to get back on the road right away next year”

24 Oct 2005

Behemoth Announce Australia Tour for January 06

The Australian site has revealed that Behemoth will be playing several shows there in January 2006. Dates and venues as listed:

January 6 – Adelaide @ Enigma Bar
January 7 – Melbourne @ The Esplanade Hotel
January 8 – Melbourne @ The Tote
January 10 – Perth @ Black Betty’s
January 13 – Brisbane @ Her Majestys Bar
January 14 – Sydney @ Gaelic Club

24 Oct 2005

Ex-Nasum Members Form New Project

The Nasum drummer Anders Jakobson has posted the following message in his blog on the band's official website:

"Tomorrow Jon and Urban come to Örebro. We are going to kickstart a new little project, which will include Jesper in the future, but this weekend its just us three.

Yes, it's all ex-Nasum members in this project, and yes, there will be a great amount of grinding done, but no - this is not Nasum part 2, this is just a couple of friends who happen to like playing together catching up and making some music at the same time.

I'll tell you more when there is something more to tell, this weekend we'll just write some songs I guess and see what happens. A recording is planed sometime, but nothing more than that.

I've been looking forward to this weekend many many weeks now so I am very excited about all this."

22 Oct 2005

No More Brainstorm Shows In 2005

Brainstorm has posted theis message on their official homepage:

"We're sad to inform you, that because of Andy's painful neuritis, we decided to cancel all confirmed shows in 2005! Please stay tuned for some more details and all NEWS on our "Inside The Monster · Worldtour 2006!" Thank you so much!"

22 Oct 2005

Suidakra Start Work On New Album

The German melodic death metal band Suidakra has announced the following online:

"For the first update of the autumn, I'd like to say a few words about last month's Bloodstock festival in Derby, England. Myself and some of the forum members were lucky enough to be at Suidakra's first ever UK show and it was worth the wait! Of course, their set stole the show for long-time fans, and won over quite a few new ones too! All-in-all, it was a great atmosphere, a welcoming crowd and a top-class performance. Now it's just a case of waiting for the band to grace these shores again... hint hint ;-)

Suidakra themselves also had a great time while visiting England, not least because they were unaware that there would be so many fans ready to cheer them on! Much (surprisingly cool) "warm" beer was sampled at the Oldes Inn in Nottingham on Sunday and all went well... until, of course, they missed their flight back home due to some unholy traffic jams. Hey, you haven't really experienced England until you've been stuck in traffic for hours ;-)

Now to the future. The songwriting for the new album has started and is going well -- in fact, four new songs have been written so far. Unfortunately, Marcel will be having some surgery done on his shoulder at the end of the month, which means that the band will have to take a short break in rehearsing and writing new material. Fear not, however, as the new record is still planned for release in autumn 2006.

That's all for now, apart from wishing Marcel a speedy recovery from his surgery!"

22 Oct 2005

Arch Enemy Message To Fans

The guitarist of Arch Enemy, Michael Amott has left the following message on the band's website:

"Back home for 2 days in Sweden, re-packing my bags for the next 2 months on the road… Some of the guys opted for a couple of days off in Copenhagen, Denmark. The European tour we just did was a short one, but we made a good strong impact and had a great time. We’ll be doing a lot more in Europe soon. Our first 13 shows with Fredrik Akesson on guitar went smoothly, he fits right in…on and off stage. Great guy.

The Scandinavian shows we did at the end here the last few days were nothing less than spectacular – we have never received such great reactions ‘round here before, something is happening up in the north…?
We did in-store signing sessions in Gothenburg and Stockholm – both very cool.

The Stockholm show was a sold-out slam-dunk – and what an amazing audience they were! As we went into “My Apocalypse” I felt the stage jumping and moving under my feet. A little scary, but very cool.

Met one of my guitar heroes, John Norum (Europe) after the show – he was raving about the show, which was awesome.
My dear friend Leif Edling (Candlemass) was also hanging out – Yeah, Stockholm was fun!

Tomorrow we are flying out to Japan, we are really looking forward to that… This will be my 16th visit to Japan since my first time in 1997 - crazy! You know I love Japan. This time we are playing 6 shows and for the first time we are including a show in Hiroshima, we are excited. Looking forward to meeting my Japanese friends, fans and business partners.


*A toast, the Japanese equivalent for 'Cheers!' (Sometimes spelled incorrectly as kampai, due to the difficulty some people have with pronouncing the 'n' sound next to a hard consonant.)"

21 Oct 2005

Orphanage Break Up After 11 Years

The band Orphanage has posted the following message on the internet:

"Through this message we want to bring you the news that the heavy metal band Orphanage has stopped.

From recent internal discussions it appeared that there was too much irritation and a lack of mutual trust, to be able to make a new Orphanage product, by the high quality standards that the band has been known for throughout the years.

An end has come to 11 years of "Innovative Gregorian Celtic Groovy Melodic Doom Death Metal". We've had a great time. A lot of special moments are in our hearts forever. We were there, YOU were there.

Please send the news to all that have supported us in all these years, in what form whatsoever. Doesn't matter if you read this for the 100th time, just be sure that we …

. . . want to thank YOU ALL!!!

No Orphanage without you; everyone that visited our concerts, that listened to our music, those who have worked for us, worked together with us, those who have shared the ENERGY with us . . . . forever: THANKS !!!"

21 Oct 2005

Behemoth: Check In From Blackest Of The Black Tour

Behemoth's frontman Nergal has posted the following message online:

"This tour has been great success for us. Every night we play in front of 1000-2000 people which is nothing but awesome! Being the most extreme band on the bill makes it really challenging but all I can say after doing 17 shows is that we definitely managed to conquer most of those crowds."

San Francisco was one of this tour’s highlights for us. Surprisingly every show there is better and better. Cleveland was also the best show we’ve played in this city so far and I’m happy we finally made it up for those who missed us on King Diamond tour there. Ah, yeah…I can’t forget to mention the party with Meshuggah and God Forbid plus our label mates, that went on few blocks from the venue. It was WILD I can assure you! My body is still suffering from this night though ha ha…By the way, thanx to Sean for hooking us up with sooooo many drinks! Cheers bro!"

Jaxx was probably the best off show on this tour. It looks like we have a great following there. Respect to all those crazy freaks who made this night so memorable! A special hello to those cute bartenders, ha ha…u know why. Montreal was nothing but amazing. I could go one forever with complements on how great the Canadian crowd is…and I really mean it. NYC was a killer show too despite the fact that my amp went dead during the set…"

We are in Providence now. Before the show Orion, Malta and I took a walk downtown and let me tell u something: this is one of the most charming places I’ve visited in this country. I ended up buying some Iggy Pop, Hank Williams III and new Depeche Mode cds` in the local record store while Orion got himself a sweet ILSA 3 DVD box set. The concert itself was fun, ha ha. Those who showed up, know what I mean. It was cool watching these surprised faces when we entered the stage. They seemed to be shit scared , but by the end of the show we made them move and go crazy…the whole point of this tour. Fuck yeah."

21 Oct 2005

Meshuggah Comment On Detroit Cancellation

The following was posted on the Swedish band's official website:

"To all the fans who came to the show in Detroit only to find it cancelled....we sincerely apologize for this. Unfortunately, upon arrival and days prior to the show we found out the promotor of this date was unable to honor the agreed upon contracts for all of the bands on the tour package. We showed up for the show at load in, hoping to work something out but were unable to come to an agreement that would work for all parties involved in the tour. We are a package on this tour and it is either all of us or none of us. In the end all bands agreed it could not be worked out. The rest of the tour will go on as planned and it is very unlikely this will happen at any other of the dates on the tour. In fact, aside from this minor setback, the tour is going great and we look forward to seeing all of you out there!!! "

21 Oct 2005

God Dethroned Will Support The Haunted On European Tour

Dutch death metallers God Dethroned will play as the support band to The Haunted and God Forbid on a forthcoming European tour starting in November. The dates:

November 17 - Rotterdam, NL @ Baroeg
November 18 - Harlem, NL @ Partonaat
November 19 - Mannheim/Ludwigshafen, GER @ Das Haus
November 20 - Vosselaar, B @ Biebob
November 21 - Portsmouth, UK @ Wedgewood rooms
November 22 - Exeter, UK @ Lemon Grove
November 23 - London, UK @ Mean Fiddler
November 24 - Nottingham, UK @ Rock City
November 25 - Birmingham, UK @ Carling Academy 2
November 26 - Leeds, UK @ Cockpit
November 27 - Sheffield, UK @ Corpotation
November 28 - Verviers, B @ Spirit of 66
November 29 - Paris, FR @ Nouveau Casino
December 1 - Bilbao, SP @ Bilbo Rock
December 2 - Madrid, SP @ Arena
December 3 - Barcelona, SP @ Club Apolo
December 4 - Marseille, FR @ Jas Rod
December 5 - Lyon, FR @ Le Marché Gare
December 6 - Bologna, IT @ Estragon
December 7 - Treviso, IT @ New Age Club
December 8 - Zyrich, CH @ Abart
December 9 - Munich, GER @ New Backstage
December 10 - Vienna, AU @ Szene
December 11 - Aschaffenburg, GER @ Colos-Saal
December 12 - Köln, GER @ Underground
December 13 - Essen, GER @ Zeche Carl
December 14 - Hamburg, GER @ Loqo
December 15 - Copenhagen, DEN @ Stengate
December 16 - Stockholm, SWE @ Klubben
December 17 - Gothenburg, SWE @ Sticky Fingers

21 Oct 2005

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