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27 Oct 2005: Obituary Brace Hurricane Wilma
27 Oct 2005: Adema Frontman Leaves the Band
26 Oct 2005: Sick Of It All Sign With Abacus Recordings
25 Oct 2005: Sepultura: Last Week Of Mixing
25 Oct 2005: Theatre Of Tragedy Continue Recording New Album
25 Oct 2005: God Forbid Tour Check In
24 Oct 2005: Edguy About Sex Changes And Cockatoo's
24 Oct 2005: Nightwish Kick Their Vocalist Out Of The Band
24 Oct 2005: Nasum Album Delayed Again
24 Oct 2005: Drowning Pool Are Working On New Material

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Obituary Brace Hurricane Wilma

The death metallers Obituary from Florida have posted the following message on their official website:

"Once again we (in Tampa bay) got lucky. A very powerful CAT 3 Hurricane hit just south of us and made quite a mess of S. Florida. Other than a good amount of rain and high winds I faired pretty well. We have had so many storms come by us that once again we are fortunate that this one did not hit us directly either. I am still waiting to hear from Frank as he lives in S. Florida to see how he did. A lot of the areas hardest hit are still recovering from last years storms. We wish the best for all areas affected by this and other Hurricanes that have passed this season. "

27 Oct 2005

Adema Frontman Leaves the Band

Adema's singer, Luke Caraccioli has announced his departure from the Earache Records group. His satement is below:

"I know that there are a lot of rumors floating around the internet, and I want to make sure that you guys the dedicated fans here the truth straight from me."

"I want to first and formost dispell any rumors that I hate Kris or ANY member in Adema, I do not nor will I ever hate them, and the person that is spreading that kind of garbage is an attention hungry person that likes to spread around drama."

"Now, It is with an extremely heavy heart that I say that just a few hours ago I made the decision to leave Adema."

"This decision is going to be a shock to you all I am sure, and I am deeply sorry that I could not stay in the band. I do not wish to get into the details or reasoning for this decision other than to say that it is for my own personal reasons and a decision that I HAD to make at this point in my life."

"I hope that you all will stay on board with the guys from Adema, they are mega talented musicians, and I am sure that they will have something going on in the near future."

"I have greatly enjoyed getting to know all of you, and talking to you guys on line, you are all the greatest fans in the world and without you it would have meant nothing to be in a band at all. You guys have been VERY accepting and caring towards me and for that I am forever thankful as well, I look forward to continuing to talk to you anytime you want."

"I am not sure of what my future holds, but I have been jamming with the guys from my old band Rewind Yesterday in my off time from touring with Adema, AGAIN this has NOTHING to do with me leaving, it was until now a side project with my close friends. IF you wish to keep up with what is going on with me, I invite you all to check out the following link.


Luke Caraccioli"

27 Oct 2005

Sick Of It All Sign With Abacus Recordings

The band Sick Of It All from New York has posted the following message on their official website:

"Sick Of It All are happy to announce that we have signed to Abacus Records worldwide! Our new album, "Death to Tyrants", is in the works and will hopefully be released in April 2006. Abacus have proven their commitment to us and we're excited for what's ahead. The staff of the label are all really cool and share a common hardcore background with us. Here's to them for their belief in us, and here's to all of you for sticking with us all these years. 2006 is our 20th year as a band, so let's get it on! You can check the Abacus website at

Also, please visit our new official myspace artist page at

Request to be our friend on myspace, so we can send you bulletins to let you know about upcoming shows, releases and news. I promise we won't be too annoying with our self-promotion.

If you live in the Northeast or Mid-West, try to make it out to see us with our boys Pennywise on the dates we have in November.

Directly after those dates, we'll be heading into the studio to record Death to Tyrants. We'll be recording at Atomic Studios in Brooklyn, and the album will be engineered and mixed by Tue Madsen - our Danish friend responsible for the mix of 'rEVOLVEr' by The Haunted (anyone check out Lou's guest vocal on that one?) We're totally confident in his abilities, and think he'll be able to harness all the best things about our new music. Wish us luck!"

26 Oct 2005

Sepultura: Last Week Of Mixing

Sepultura has posted the following message on their official website:

"Before we talk about Sepultura's new album we'd like to welcome Enzo Kisser! The new addition to the Kisser Family. The little boy was born in São Paulo last Thursday October 20th.

Back to work, Andreas had to leave the hospital this weekend to hear one more song from Dante XXI, mixed.

It's hard to describe what's to come, but one thing you can be sure: one more time, Sepultura fans, will be surprise and amazed with the new elements brought to Sepultura's music. There are so many details that you notice something new everytime you listen to a song. Dante XXI sounds like a movie soundtrack. You can hear a story, a sequence behind it.

This is probably the last week of work in the mixing. Later on, they songs travel to New York City, where the mastering work will be done."

25 Oct 2005

Theatre Of Tragedy Continue Recording New Album

Theatre Of Tragedy have posted the following message online:

"From the sweat off our brows; the grinding of our teeth; the ooze of our blisters; the ham, cheese and crisps of our sandwiches; from Frank's special, boiled waffles; on top of Magnus' reinforced concrete bass, we have, with hardwood and metal, erected a grand structure of guitars. It thunders, wails and whispers, at times hard as the heel of the iron boot – at other times soft as the lint from the bellybutton of a beautiful woman.

Doesn't sound too shabby, actually.

Now that the Terrible Twins have finished laying down the guitar-tracks, and with all of Lorentz' bells and whistles in place, the time has come for Cow and Chicken to rise to the occasion and add that last detail – vocals.
For those into trivia and pub-quizzes, we'd like to mention that this will take place in the studio owned by Erik Ljungren, who produced Musique, only a couple of golfer's whacks from Nell's home. It should also be mentioned that this marks Rico's return to civilization, having spent what no doubt must feel like the better part of a decade cooped up in Toproom Studio, which we lovingly call 'The Shed'. As he'd started to speak, at length, with the mouse that lives there, it was indeed time to release the gimp, so to speak.At any rate, things are progressing largely as planned, which is in itself no mean feat. And we recently received confirmation that mixing duties for the album will be handled by Mr. Greg Reely of Canada, who has previously worked with acts like Paradise Lost, Fear Factory, Skinny Puppy and Delerium, to name but a few.

Stay tuned, kids. It'll be a hot one in the old town tonight."

25 Oct 2005

God Forbid Tour Check In

Doc Coyle, the guitarist and vocalist of God Forbid checks in with the following tour recap:

"Hey everybody. Doc from God Forbid checking in from the road with about a week and a half left on the Fury of the Fall tour. Right now, we're in Boise, Idaho enjoying our only one true day off. I have to say that the tour has been incredible so far, and everyone is having blast. Playing between Meshuggah and The Haunted every night has really made us bring the thunder. Meshuggah is probably being the heaviest band of all time, The Haunted delivers a thrash metal riff clinic and Mnemic kills it nightly with so much damn groove and energy. The fans have certainly gotten their money's worth and have turned out in droves with several shows selling out.

For a quick recap of the highlights of the tour, we kicked things off at an outdoor festival near Tampa, FL with a few friends in Hatebreed, Devildriver, Otep and the mighty Motorhead headlining. This show ruled, and the after party was insanity. Thank the lord for open bars! I actually got to meet the mighty Lemmy who was cool as fuck and down to earth, which was pleasantly surprising. We than hightailed it for couple kick ass packed shows in Allentown and Philadelphia, PA which was start of the tour with the full line-up. Canada rocked as usual with a couple packed, energetic houses in Toronto and Montreal. In Toronto, John Mayer was actually playing the venue next door, and surprisingly he is pretty damn talented musician who, in a live setting, was reminiscent of Steve Ray Vaughn. In Montreal, we got to hang out at good ol' Foufounes Electrique after the show and it was mayhem as usual. Much props to ladies night.

Following Canada, were sellout shows in Virgina, New York, Cleveland and one of the best hometown shows we've played in New Jersey at the Starland Ballroom. We're really lucky to have such an amazing local fan base, which always seems to be growing. It's crazy to see so many people who have stayed loyal, although musically we've grown a lot over the years. It's just really gratifying to see people grow with you. Props to our bros in Lamb of God who came out to the VA show, and showed some new demo LOG stuff, which will of course kill like everything else they do.

We also got to see our friends in Hatebreed and Shadows Fall in the New England area, which was incredible because those bands tour so much you never expect to see them at shows hanging out. Collectively, they took over our bus and showed us some of the new "Crowbreed" project, which is fucking amazing. Can't wait for that to drop and it's some of the heaviest shit ever! There was also quite the party in Cleveland when the Blackest of the Black tour crossed paths with our tour, and we got to hang with some friends in Chimaira and Himsa. Finally, we got to meet the guys in Behemoth, whose music we love. It's funny, because for being one of the most evil bands of all time, are really fun laidback guys. A bunch of metal dudes dancing in a club to pop and hip-hop is just scary.

We than hit the Midwest where we had some great shows in Milwaukee at the Rave and at a very nice newer club called the Pearl Room in Mokena, IL. Darkest Hour and Norma Jean just so happened to be playing Milwaukee the same night, so we were fortunate enough to share a couple beers. After the Mokena show, our good friend Bruce "LAMONTE" from Yakuza (congrats to signing with Prosthetic) took us to a seedy metal bar called Exit where Dallas and I DJed for a couple hours. I need to become a DJ. Free drinks and the music I want to hear works for me. After that, we jetted to Louisville to do an off-day show with our fellow Jersey boys Dillinger Escape Plan. We hadn't played Kentucky since early 2001. Although it was a new club, and still had glitches, the show was a lot of fun,and Dillinger kicked everyone's face in. Goddamn their good! Unfortunately, the Detroit show was cancelled because of some bullshit with the promoter. We promise to come back and make it up. We than headed south to rock Texas and Oklahoma, which really have some of the most dedicated, fanatical fans ever. Great stuff indeed.

So we've been having a shitload of fun on this tour, and we're working on something in the U.S. for early 2006. In the meantime, we're shooting a video for "To The Fallen Heros" early next month, doing a couple regional dates with Agents of Man and Cannae, and than heading to Europe with The Haunted and God Dethroned. See everyone soon."

25 Oct 2005

Edguy About Sex Changes And Cockatoo's

Edguy has posted the following message on their official website:

"Against certain rumors and speculations Tobias Sammet has not undergone a sex change operation yet: “Of course after the success of Nightwish, Within Temptation and Evanescence we sat down to discuss what kind of sacrifice we’d have to make to hit big time with this new album. In time of female vocal domination we came to the conclusion that it’s the penis that stands in our way. I mean – literally of course! That being said, to avoid any rumors: if it’s gonna happen I’d become a lesbian woman. In case this trend is gone and we’re too late, our drummer Felix considers to join me to the operating room and become a cockatoo. Though we talked him into believing that cockatooed drummered bands are gonna be the next big thing it’s not for business reasons. Felix discovered his cockatooish side just when reaching puberty. Ever since he’s felt like having been born in the wrong shell. He’s more that cockatoo kind of guy, you all know what I mean. Whatever, in case all this won’t work, we just recorded the most ambitious Edguy album so far – just to be on the safe side. It’s the most diversified stuff and we’ll post the songtitles soon. The first press reactions are superb and I feel not playing it close to the chest was the best thing we could have done. It’s still Edguy at any second, it’s funny here and melancholic there, fast and slow and really diversified. You’ll hear “ROCKET RIDE” on January, 20th. And the first part of the tour is booked too. Tickets are gonna be available early next week, watch out for some real big entertaining HM-party. See you all and stay Metal. You are the best.”

24 Oct 2005

Nightwish Kick Their Vocalist Out Of The Band

The following message was posted on the band's official website:

"Dear Tarja,

It`s time to choose whether the story of Nightwish ends here or whether it will still continue an undetermined period of time. We`ve been working with this creation for 9 years and we are not ready to give up yet. Nightwish is a way of life, something to live for, and we`re certain we can`t let it go.

Equally certain is the fact that we cannot go on with you and Marcelo any longer. During the last year something sad happened, which I`ve been going over in my head every single day, morning and night. Your attitude and behavior don`t go with Nightwish anymore. There are characteristics I would never have believed to see in my old dear friend.
People who don`t talk with each other for a year do not belong in the same band.

We are involved in an industry where the business-side of things is a necessary evil and something to worry about all the time. We are also a band which has always done music from the heart, because of friendship and the music itself. The mental satisfaction should always be more important than money! Nightwish is a band, it`s an emotion.

To you, unfortunately, business, money, and things that have nothing to do with those emotions have become much more important. You feel that you have sacrificed yourself and your musical career for Nightwish, rather than thinking what it has given to you.

This attitude was clearly shown to me in the two things you said to me in an airplane in Toronto: ”I don`t need Nightwish anymore.” and ”Remember, Tuomas, that I could leave this band at any time, giving you only one day`s warning in advance”. I can`t simply write any more songs for you to sing.

You have said yourself that you are merely a ”guest musician” in Nightwish. Now that visit ends and we will continue Nightwish with a new female vocalist.

We`re sure this is an equally big relief to you as it is for us. We have all been feeling bad long enough.

You told us that no matter what, the next Nightwish album will be your last one. However, the rest of us want to continue as long as the fire burns. So there`s no sense in doing that next album with you, either.

The four of us have been going over this situation countless times and we have realized that this is the thing we want to do in life. It´s all we can do. In December 2004, in Germany, you said that you will never tour again for more than two weeks at a time. You also said that we can forget about U.S. and Australia because the fees and the sizes of venues are too small.

In interviews I`ve mentioned that if Tarja leaves, that would be the end of the band. I understand that people will think this way. Nightwish is, however, a scenery of my soul and I`m not ready to let go because of one person. A person who wants to focus her creativity to somewhere else, a person whose values don`t match mine.

We were never bothered by the fact that you didn`t participate in writing/arranging songs, you never in 9 years came to rehearse the songs with us before going to the studio. Not the fact that while on tour you always wanted to fly, separately from us with your husband. Not the fact that you are an undisputable front image of the band.

We accepted and felt ok about everything except greed, underestimating the fans, and breaking promises. It was agreed by the five of us that Nightwish would be the priority in everything that we do during 2004-2005. Still so many things were more important to you. The ultimate example being the already sold-out show in Oslo, which you wanted to cancel because you needed to rehearse for your solo concerts, meet friends and go to the movies. Those were the words Marcelo used in an e-mail explaining the cancellation. This being just one example of so many. I couldn`t think of a worse way of being selfish and dismissing our fans.

Nightwish is a way of life and a job with many obligations. To each other and to the fans. With you we can`t take care of those duties anymore.

Deep within we don`t know which one of you drove us to this point. Somehow Marcelo has changed you from the lovely girl you were into a diva, who doesn`t think or act the way she used to. You are too sure of your irreplaceableness and status.

It`s obvious that you blame your stress and misery on us four. And you think we don`t respect or listen to you. Belive us; We have always had the uppermost respect towards you as a wonderful vocalist and as a friend. And very often during the past couple of years the plans were made according to your decisions only. You were always the only one who wanted more money from the shows.
This ”compensation and more money from everything” –attitude is the fact that we are most disappointed of!

We wish that from now on you will listen to your heart instead of Marcelo. Cultural differences combined with greed, opportunism and love is a dangerous combination. Do not wither yourself.

This decision is not something we are especially proud of but you gave us no choice. The gap between us is too wide. And the decision is made by us four unanimously. We are beyond the point where things could be settled by talking.

All the best for your life and career,

Emppu Jukka Marco

Ps. This is an open letter for everybody."

24 Oct 2005

Nasum Album Delayed Again

As posted by Nasum's drummer Anders Jakobson on their official website:

"Yet again I am sorry to inform you that "Grind Finale" is delayed a few months more and will be released worldwide in January 2006. It's very sucky and fucked up, but there's nothing we can do at this point.

The reason this time is yet again a fuck up by the printer who printed the whole booklet on the wrong stock of paper - a superthin paper - so the booklet is too thin for the hardcover. I can't believe this fuck up, but again there's nothing we can do. This release deserves a high quality cover."

24 Oct 2005

Drowning Pool Are Working On New Material

The drummer of Drowning Pool Mike Luce has posted the following message regarding the band's recent happenings:

"As you may or may not know, DROWNING POOL is hard at work here in Dallas putting together the 'demos' for the next record — THE RECORD!

In case you're not privy to the process of 'demo-ing'... please, allow me. 'Demoing' is the process in which the band is rehearsing and putting together new music and recording said new material by a number of means. We hope you are understanding in that we want this to be our defining record! We, by no means, are dragging ass! But we are sure to take our time with each and every song! We enter a local Dallas/Denton studio, track new songs, then send copies of our new babies to the record label. By doing this you are able to keep all parties involved (in the album-making process) in the loop as to where the band/songs are musically. That being said, the band then is informed as to when they can expect to release a record.

All this being equal... we are expecting to be knee-deep in 'the new shit' by January 2006!! If that remains... I would hope to have the record on shelves anytime from early spring/mid-summer 2006! If all this seems like a long time... it is. But rest assured that if you grow too impatient to wait for the record, you can always come check out a show. We ARE playing new shit at the shows. Playing the songs live and getting your reaction and input is another important part in the whole process of writing new songs and then demoing it for the record. Of course all views herein are strictly that of the drummer and all other parties hold no responsibility or involvement in my opinions or actions!"

24 Oct 2005

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