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01 Nov 2005: Kalmah Start Recording New Album
01 Nov 2005: Fleshgrind Announce Band Break Up
30 Oct 2005: Dark Funeral Team Up With Dragon Productions
29 Oct 2005: Severe Torture Announce Tracklist Of New Album
29 Oct 2005: 36 Crazyfists Start Working On New Album
29 Oct 2005: Symphorce Announce New Drummer
28 Oct 2005: Most Precious Blood Release Pictures From Video Shoot
27 Oct 2005: In Flames Plans US Tour In January
27 Oct 2005: The Haunted's Second Tour Report
27 Oct 2005: Strapping Young Lad Film New Video

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Kalmah Start Recording New Album

Finnish melodic death metallers Kalmah have posted the following message on their official website:


As You might not know we will enter studio next week to record the next Kalmah album. Yet untitled album will contain 10 brand new Kalmah "hits". The process before this album has been quite long. That is because this time we didn´t want to spoil the album with unnecessary hurry. We started to write the material at the end of 2004 and sometimes I`ve to admit the process has been painful. That is very common in Kalmah camp. If there is no inspiration You`ll just have to lay the guitar to rest - to wait for the real inspiration.

I`m not here to praise the new material. That is up to You guys when the new album will hit the market. But I have to admit we really enjoy the material. I know this will be the best album we have made so far and by the time You will know why. Everything is prepared for the studio and we are ready...

Well that`s all for now."

01 Nov 2005

Fleshgrind Announce Band Break Up

Fleshgrind have posted the following message on their official website:

"We regretfully wish to inform everyone that Fleshgrind has officially called it quits. For some that's good news, for others it's gonna suck. The reasoning behind this decision was not an easy one after 13 years but we feel this is the best time to move on. Before our last show about a month ago vocalist Rich Lispcomb formally stepped down from the position. Instead of contemplating replacing Rich with another vocalist, the remaining three members: Steve Murray, James Genenz, and Jesse Kehoe; have decided to move on in a new project. It just wouldn't be right calling ourselves Fleshgrind if Rich isn't involved. Rich has decided he needs a life change. His heart just wasn't into it anymore, business wise and artistically, so he is moving on. He sold his business, United Guttural Records, and will be moving to Michigan to get on with his life. The three of us have no hard feelings towards Rich and his decision, and respect him even more for coming out about how he felt, and we are excited about the uninhibited possibilites for our new project. We are currently undergoing a group soul search to determine our direction in our future endeavors, and will be looking for a singer and possibly a second guitarist to fill out the group, although that search has yet to get underway. For now we just wish to respectfully put Fleshgrind to rest. We wish to thank every single person that has ever supported us in any way. You all know who you are.

The MySpace page at will stay active for some time to come. News and information on our future efforts will be available here until everything is set in stone. We will be looking for members in the coming weeks. Again, we thank everyone for their support!"

01 Nov 2005

Dark Funeral Team Up With Dragon Productions

The Swedish black metallers Dark Funeral have posted the following message on their official website:


We have decided to let DRAGON PRODUCTIONS handle all of our bookings in Europe. This means that they will also be in charge of booking our up-coming tour throughout Europe as well as any and all future European shows/tours.

DRAGON PRODUCTIONS are currently in the early stages of planning and booking dates for our up-coming European tour!

If you are interested in booking DARK FUNERAL when they tour Europe in order to support their new and highly acclaimed full-length album "Attera Totus Sanctus", you should contact Jörg Düsedau/Dragon Productions ASAP!

a division of A.S.S. Concert & Promotion GmbH
Rahlstedter Strasse 92 a
22149 Hamburg

Jörg "Schrörg" Düsedau

Phone: +49-40-675 699-36
Fax: +49-40-675 699-30"

30 Oct 2005

Severe Torture Announce Tracklist Of New Album

Severe Torture have announced the tracklistingfor their new record "Fall Of The Despised" which will be released on November 7th. It is as follows:

1. Endless Strain of Cadavers
2. Sawn off
3. Unconditional Annihilation
4. Consuming the Dying
5. Impulsive Mutilation
6. Dead from the Waist up
7. Decree of Darkness
8. Enshrined in Madness
9. End of Christ
10. Fall of the Despised

Bassist Patrick Boleij comments:

“We have the same brutality going on and the same technical stuff going on, but we’ve tried to write more songs than we used to in the old days.

We’ve tried to do more recognisable stuff. We even wrote a song without a blast beat. That was pretty scary, to be honest! But people who’ve heard it so far think it’s really good. It shows more the different sides of Severe Torture. It’s still brutal, and someone who doesn’t listen to death metal will think it’s brutal all the way through, but it’s definitely a more diverse album.”

29 Oct 2005

36 Crazyfists Start Working On New Album

The frontman of 36 Crazyfists, Brock Lindow, has posted the following message on the band's recent happenings:

"whats up everyone, hope all is well in your is the final week of practice before the long awaited start of our preproduction with producer sal say were excited is an understatement...we will be starting on the day after halloween, not sure what we are doing for halloween, but i think we should be pirates, and enter ourselves in a whiskey drinkin tournament...theres tons of good records out right now and Demon Hunter, Every Time I Die, Throwdown, Chimaira, and matt hopper are keeping my ears full of awesome new music, check them all out and support those bands if you can...well just wanted to let you all know that we are also working on a making of the record dvd with the new release so that should be a cool project when its finished...thanks to all of you as usual....respect.."

29 Oct 2005

Symphorce Announce New Drummer

The German band Symphorce has posted the following message on their official website:

"Right after a fantastic and amazing tour, suddenly, Sascha decided to part
ways after more than 4 years. He decided to leave the band bacause of
some personal reasons.

But as we have to take things as they come, we´re proud to announce
two drummers for the already booked and confirmed shows!

We will be helped out by Andy Flache (who is well known as one of our
chiefroadies from hell) and Steffen Theurer (ex-Chinchilla/Woodpeckers).

We hope to get everything fixed in time and hope Sascha will find his way.

We´re lookin´forward for even more amazing shows and are ready to
rock da house!"

29 Oct 2005

Most Precious Blood Release Pictures From Video Shoot

Most Precious Blood have posted the following message on their official website:

"Well, new record is out and doing well, thanx for picking it up, if you haven't already go do it. We shot a video on Sunday with J. Jess. he's worked with DMX, Redman, Mos Def, you name it. Video came out awesome and should be up and edited real soon. Thanx to all the kids who came down to help out. Check out some pics from the shoot here and here."

28 Oct 2005

In Flames Plans US Tour In January

In Flames have posted the following message online:

"Greetings People Of Earth....... We come with news.....

First we would like to let all you people in the UK know that we will be doing the Motorhead tour without Daniel.
The reason for this is that he is becoming a father for the second time!

We asked an old friend of ours, Tobbe Kellgren, to handle the drums for the tour and he gladly accepted.

Daniel will be back on the next tour again.

Furthermore - we had a listeningparty for our new album Come Clarity with mediapeople and guests at the Storan Theater here in Gothenburg. For this special occasion we made a "rehearsal video" for the whole album that we showed to our guests.

Directing it was once again Patric Ullaeus! Patric and Anders worked really hard to get it done in time for the viewing and when the rest of us saw it it blew us away! Hopefully this is something that also YOU will be able to enjoy in the future - we´ll see..

The release date for Come Clarity is approaching fast and we have some touringplans to announce:

We will start a US tour in the end of January that will be running until the end of February. After that we are touring Europe from early March until April sometime. We will let you know as soon as we have some details (dates, support, etc.). On this Eurotrip we will try to do at least 5-7 shows in the UK - hopefully even getting to Ireland for the first time!

And finally - we will shoot a video for the song "Take This Life" during this week. Patric Ullaeus will be directing and we will let you guys know more details as they unfold..

Thats it for now - but we will return with more updates soon.

In Flames signing out..."

27 Oct 2005

The Haunted's Second Tour Report

The Haunted vocalist Peter Dolving has checked in with his second update on their "Fury Of The Fall" tour:

"You know right now being a member of The Haunted feels like being a part of something much greater than just a rock band. These last five shows really meant so much for us. I've been hurting like a motherfucker - seems like I busted my back and neck really bad somewhere along the way and for a while we talked about sending my broken Swedish ass home. We even talked to our friend Pat Lachman (Damageplan) about filling in for me but with the help of painkillers, incredible massage therapeuts and plenty of ice I've been able to get up to do the shows. But the best support and inspiration are all of you - the people showing up. We want to thank you all so fucking much. You people are outstanding - singing along, screaming with me and just tearing shit up. That love and passion is what all this is about and together with our crew we want to shout out to all you, our friends and fans! Thank you for being real and staying sick as ever. This shit is beautiful; we love all you ugly bastards! See you out on the west coast. Over and Out!"

27 Oct 2005

Strapping Young Lad Film New Video

Strapping Young Lad drummer Gene Holgan has posted the following message on the band's official website:

"Howdy Folks! Gene here, checking in with all the latest here in STRAPPINGLAND.

First off, all of us in the extended Strapping family would like to wish Jed and his lovely bride, Susanna, congratulations on their recent nuptials. They were married in New Jersey on Sunday, October 2, in an absolutely fantastic ceremony, and poor Jed pretty much had to hop a plane immediately afterward! At least the hotel party was attended by our bus driver, Sean Sitka, who drove for 18 hours straight, as well as some of the Meshuggah men!

And now, since we're all back in Vancouver, we just filmed a new video this past weekend. The song selection was bandied aboot for awhile, until finally, in a brilliant eleventh-hour decision, we chose "Zen". Everyone on the FORUM had such stellar ideas for the video, we thank you all for taking the initiative with your creativity, but due to the tight budget (and definite time constraints) we probably aren't going to be able to use a single one!p> Filmed in Vancouver by Marcus Rogers and Cinestir Productions (who brought you our "For Those Aboot to Rock" dvd), it's nothin' too fancy, but a great representation of Strapping onstage. Lemme say this; The MVP award for the day went to Dev and Jed. A pair of AMAZING performances! Jed, THE master of every cool rock move, and Dev, in all his glorious fuckin' GLORY! Righteous, indeed! Byron looked mighty, I looked liked Jabba/Cousin Itt, and we've even got Willy the Keyboard Guy in there! We wanted to have a shot of all of us SMASHIN' that retarded Terminator-lookin' thingy from the "Relentless" video, but, dummy me forgot to pack it! The video should be debuting sometime during the upcoming tour, so keep yer eyes peeled.

And, on the subject of the upcoming tour, we're all real excited to be hittin' the road with our buds in Fear Factory, Soilwork and Darkane, so we're rehearsing our balls off at Heathen Choppers. Didja know we rehearse at a chopper shop? How cool is THAT? That tour commences on October 28th, in Lawrence KS, and finishes right here in Vancouver, on December 5. And, directly after, we head on over to England for a handful of shows with our pals in Arch Enemy. We are planning the full-on European tour in January/February, too!

Strapping will have a couple new t-shirt designs coming as well, as a matter of fact, we got one of our ideas right off the message board. So thanks again guys, for comin' through. Also available soon will be a specialized, online-only t-shirt. Cool, eh? We're also planning some giveaways on the site, too! We've spoken with ESP guitars about giving away a guitar or two on the site, so definitely look alive on that one. There will also be some cymbal, stick and assorted other giveaways as well in the coming weeks.

Look for a feature on Dev and Jed in the latest issue of "Guitar Player" magazine, it's in the "Buzz" section. Byron has also just done an interview with "Bass Player" mag that should be out in the coming weeks, and, in the current issue of Revolver, there's a cool little giveaway of some personalized drumsticks from me, brought to you by the friendly folks at Revolver, and the righteous Kevin Radomski at Pro-mark Sticks.

On an unrelated note, both Byron and myself have appeared on the debut Ani Kyd record, "Evil Needs Candy, Too". Produced by Jello Biafra and recently released on Alternative Tentacles, it's worth a listen. You can also check us out at

Well, I guess that's aboot it for now, everybody! Enjoy! See ya on the road...

Stop, drop and CRANK!"

27 Oct 2005

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