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10 Jul 2005: Symphorce Finished Recording Of New Album
07 Jul 2005: Trojans in Stratovarius MP3 Files?
07 Jul 2005: The Metal Bible
07 Jul 2005: Helloween Announces New Album!

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Symphorce Finished Recording Of New Album

The band Symphorce has finished the recording of their new album called "GodSpeed" that will be released at 6th of september through Metal Blade Records. It was produced with Dennis Ward, who already worked with bands like Angra and Pinkcream 69, at the House Of Music Studios in Winterbach, Germany.

The tracklist of the new release:
Everlasting Life
The Mirrored Room
Black Winter
Your Cold Embrace
Wounds Will Last Within
Crawling Walls For You
Without A Trace
No Shelter

In Europe "GodSpeed" will also be released as a limited edition that will contain a DVD with backstage footage and video clips.
10 Jul 2005

Trojans in Stratovarius MP3 Files?

A statement from Jens Johansson:

"No, we didn't plant MP3s with any malware. Of course, that's what I would say even if we did do it so if you don't believe me.. well what the fuck can I do about it.

Yes, it's very fucking possible for malicious code to hide in MP3 or other non-executable files. If you don't believe this you are very naive. There have been exploits that executed just by hovering the mouse over a file. I wish I was making this stuff up, but I'm not. It could be via a bug in the core operating system, some library thereof, some media player, some popular spyware, anything.

No, I don't at all know if MP3s with Stratovarius music is the actual vector. But it seems quite possible given the described payload.

No, you will probably not be able to find out who did this. I would consider these strange .strato files as lost. But that "challenge-response" shit could mean that there actually might be some way engineered into this thing to get them back using that challenge information and the right algorithm. Good luck..

Yes, I got copies of a file named "strato.exe" from angry people. And I'm not even going to be hovering my mouse over these files, much less run them to see if a picture of mickey mouse comes up or not.

Yes, provided it's not replicating (a pure trojan) the 12-year-old in me thinks this is at least a little bit funny.

Whichever 12-year-old sociopath did this, if those "certain" new MP3s really turn out to be the vector, well.. no pat on the back, but contact me and I'll get you a signed Stratovarius CD, a few years in federal prison, and probably a great paying IT security job when you get out..."
07 Jul 2005

The Metal Bible

Actually, it's not exactly what you may think... The Metal Bible is a special Bible version for all who are into metal music. It contains the New Testament in an easy to understand language as well as testimonies from metalheads that talk about what God and the Bible means to them.

Those metalheads include Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden), Tommy Aldridge (Whitesnake), Brian Welsh (ex-Korn), Rob Rock, Michael Sweet (Stryper), Ken Tamplin, Metal Pastor Bob Beeman (Sanctuary International), Karl Walfridsson (Pantokrator), Shadows of Paragon, Luke Renno (Crimson Thorn), Simon "Pilgrim" Rosén (Crimson Moonlight), Christian Rivel (Narnia, Divinefire), Matt Smith (Theocracy), Ulf Christiansson (Jerusalem) as well as some others.

The purpose of this special Bible is to break down prejudices and misconceptions that many metalheads have about the Bible and help them to realize that the Bible is not a boring book but an interesting and living book that has a lot to tell us today, so that they through this special Bible version can realize that the Bible and it's message is something for them too. As a result of this many metalheads will check out the Bible and through it find Christ.

Metal Bible trailer:
07 Jul 2005

Helloween Announces New Album!

The german band Helloween announced the tittle of their new album scheduled to be released at October 31th, 2005, it will be called: "Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy".

The band explains the causes that lead them to choose this tittle:

"The new HELLOWEEN songs inherit elements that connect to the lyrical concept of the first two highly successful 'Keeper OF The Seven Keys' albums. The new HELLOWEEN compositions offer intricate arrangements, many speed changes, gifted drum breaks and epic sounds. A renewed team spirit prevailing during pre-production encouraged the band members to hold intense rehearsal room sessions with a fresh inspiration, resulting in the band choosing "Keeper of The Seven Keys - The Legacy"."

They also make an clarification about their new DVD "Hellish Videos":

"The statement from Sanctuary says that the DVD contains all of the band's videos up to the "Time Of The Oath". This is untrue as the DVD contains ALLof the band's videos from Rabbit Don't Come Easy and back."

Their first Single, "Mrs. God", will be released at July 4th, and will "will contain various bonus features such as an exclusive non album track, one album track and the video for “Mrs. God”, which will be shot in Nueremberg / Germany beginning of May."

They also plan to make a tour called "'Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy' World Tour 2005/2006". "On November 18th, their world tour will kick off in the Czech Republic. Europe will be toured extensively until end of January; in February the band will be playing in Asia, followed by concerts in North and South America from March on."

You can check some tourdates that have been already announced on their Tour Section, and some photos of the band on their News Section, in their website.
07 Jul 2005

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