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07 Nov 2005: Bullet For My Valentine: Release Date For New Album Announced
07 Nov 2005: Index Case: Affirmation of American Tour Dates
05 Nov 2005: The Black Dahlia Murder Statement
05 Nov 2005: The Haunted Show Pictures Online
05 Nov 2005: Amon Amarth Prepare For US Tour
05 Nov 2005: The Blach Dahlia Murder's Former Drummer Posts Comment On The Band
05 Nov 2005: 36 Crazyfists Update From The Studio
05 Nov 2005: Devildriver Check-In From Tour
05 Nov 2005: Children of Bodom Book In Store Appearances
01 Nov 2005: Turisas Guitarist Involved In Traffic Accident

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Bullet For My Valentine: Release Date For New Album Announced

Bullet For My Valentine have confirmed the information, that their debut full length album, "The Poison" will hit US shops on February the 14th of next year through Trustkill/Visible Noise. The band is currently on tour with It Dies Today in the United States and are expected to return in 2006.

07 Nov 2005

Index Case: Affirmation of American Tour Dates

Index Case is currently on tour with American Headcharge in support of their recent self-titled debut for Mortal Music. Support bands include Diecast and Bleed The Sky. Below is a current list of all dates:

November 9 - Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
November 10 - Jacksonville, NC @ Planet Rock
November 11 - Fayetteville, NC @ Jester's Pub
November 13 - Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
November 15 - Jacksonville, FL @ Fuel
November 17 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room
November 19 - St. Petersburg, FL @ The State Theater
November 23 - Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live
November 24 - Dallas, TX @ Trees
November 30 - West Hollywood, CA @ The Whisky
December 2 - Corona, CA @ Showcast Theater
December 6 - Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater
December 7 - Colorado Springs, CO @ Black Sheep
December 8 - Omaha, NE @ Chez Paree
December 9 - Mankato, MN @ What's Up Lounge
December 12 - Columbia Heights, MN @ Star Central

07 Nov 2005

The Black Dahlia Murder Statement

The Black Dahlia Murder have issued the following statement regarding the departure of two of their band members:

"yup zach and dave are gone.

both are gone cause they couldn't actually play our material. it was sad to have to make such a decision with dave since he's been with us for quite some time, we wish him nothing but the best in all his future endeavors. zach, however, was a much easier call to make. he simply didin't care that he played sub-par and we decided that we could definitely not let someone who doesn't even care about the band to continue. we're sorry to all of you who are bummed, but we promise a much better Black Dahlia Murder to come."
05 Nov 2005

The Haunted Show Pictures Online

Over 150 new pics of The Haunted shows on October 30 and 31 on the "Fury of The Fall" Tour have been made available courtesy of Dirt Junior. You can check them out below:

The Key Club - Hollywood, CA
The Galaxy Concert Theatre - Santa Ana, CA

05 Nov 2005

Amon Amarth Prepare For US Tour

Amon Amarth are gearing up for their return to North America, the band sent this message out to fans:

"Alright, just a week left until we head out on tour again! Starting with two off shows half-way; on Iceland. It was hard to put a set together with the time limit we have (30 min) but it is a deadly intense set! It's going to be cool to come back to North American soil again after two years and we look forward touring with Children of Bodom and Trivium. It's going to be an awesome ride with many of the shows already sold out! Remember to be there early since we're first up to play!"

05 Nov 2005

The Blach Dahlia Murder's Former Drummer Posts Comment On The Band

Drummer Zach Gibson , formerly of The Blach Dahlia Murder, who was removed from the band on the last date of their recent US tour, has posted the following message on his MySpace page:

"Yes, the rumors are true, I AM NO LONGER THE DRUMMER FOR THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER........I was asked to leave the band after our last show on the BTBAM/CEPHALIC CARNAGE/INTO THE MOAT tour 10/28/05 in Detroit,Michigan,our home...I was quitting anyways and they knew it,they just wanted to save face and beat me to the punch.I'm gonna sound like a total asshole, but anyone that knows me knows that this is the truth and i'm very very far from being a dick head.....BDM is nothing without me,they were nothing until I joined.Had I not joined last year when I did, they never would've continued, and even if they did, half the shit they did with me in the band would've never happened,and Miasma wouldn't have turned out the way it did,they know all of this is true as well, because i've been told by them many a times.I want everyone to know that reads this that Brian from BDM is a total dickhead and doesn't care about anything accept making money,and on top of that, he is not half as good of a musician as you may think,he is one of the most un-talented musicians i've ever played with.He doesn't care about friendships,having fun(Basically really being in a band).....I also want everyone to know that I was shorted about $2500,very shitty on their part,also a decision made by Brian.They also gave Dave Lock(bass) the boot shortly after me.....Also a very shitty thing.....I know now who my real friends are and Dave was really the only one outta the band that I could really consider a friend.I've heard many a rumors that Trevor is leaving the band,I hope it's true.I wish nothing but the worst to Brian and his future endeavors.So, for anyone thinking of joining, don't do it unless you're a total fucking joke of a musician and a person that only cares about making money and nothing else, and not the most important things about being in a band(having fun,REAL friendships and being friends with the people in your band...etc).And for everyone that thinks or have said to me "man, being in bdm must be great....blah blah blah" it wasn't,I made barely any money and lived like a fucking bum for over a year.I'll be much happier in a band that goes no where making no money than a band that is very well known and not getting shit. I've had some of the best times in my life since I was in BDM, but for every great time there has been a totally shitty time that made me wanna quit my life because of Brian.I have nothing good to say about Brian, and many of you who read this probably think i'm just sore about being kicked out, but i'm really not,I just want everyone to know the truth so another kid doesn't go and make the mistake I made.Looking back at when Cory was asked to leave, I was good friends with him, and he fore-warned me about Brian and the rest of the bullshit that went on....I wish I would've listened to him.I think i'm pretty much done here,if anyone has any questions about anything, don't be shy to ask, I will hold nothing back......."

05 Nov 2005

36 Crazyfists Update From The Studio

36 Crazyfists have posted the following updates from the studio where they are recording their new album:

"Portland, Oregon
Happy Halloween All! The leaves are turning, rain is here, Football is heating up midway through the season and Hockey is in full swing. Ah, what a great time of year. Today marks the official beginning of pre-production for us. Our producer Sal Villanueva flew in last night from New Jersey so we figured wed kick this thing off with a trip to the bar for a few drinks and a little shoptalk. I got to say, Sal is definitely the man for the job. We all hit it off great and Im positive that Sal is going to pull the best out of us and knows what kind of quality record were looking to do. We have been writing hard all summer and have filtered through and trashed 2 albums worth of material. Leaving only the best of the best, we have assembled our sickest set of songs by far, that are very 36, yet a large leap forward from the last album. And with Sal on board now, I have never been so stoked to record an album. This is going to destroy. We already have click tracks that Thomas has been playing to and we got these songs fairly tight, but that is what pre-production is for we have to make these songs an air tight, impenetrable wall of molten metal. This we will accomplish. Today will consist of playing through these songs all day long and letting Sal get a feel for them as we begin to dissect and reassemble these bad boys. More to come..."

"Damn, nasty ass day in Portland. The rain is coming down and the temperature has dropped. Yesterday went fairly well, I expect it to get better. We Ran through the songs several times for Sal, so he could take some notes as a first time listener and it felt pretty good, especially towards the end of the day after we got loosened up. Nice. We ended the day with a Mexican gut bomb and a round of margaritas. It surprises me now looking at the group of songs weve got assembled, what a diverse batch they are. It is something you dont realize until an outside party is critiquing them and you try and do the same yourself. It is something I have been the most proud of about our band, we are hard to label and even in the records there are a lot of different styles going on. Nice. The band sounds great. T, the over-practiced drum nerd, never ceases to amaze me, he is rock solid, even just playing alone to the click, and comes up with the most unique beats for the tunes. Nice. The Bear is sounding solid as well and I love that he is one of the few bass players in metal that is still picking with his fingers. Nice. Brock has some great melody lines put to this shit too, as well as screaming his head off, good look, great singer, ha. As for me, um, ok. Gonna hit yall back after today. Nice.

Portland, Oregon

Yesterday went good. We dissected our first song, adjusted some tempos and reassembled it. I think we got her pretty close to perfect now and just need a few minor tweaks. Its got a smoking boomerang feel on the chorus section that locks in nicely. Watching T work through these click changes is a beaut, he gets so worked up, ha. Brock has definitely got his work cut out on this shit as well, challenging himself as always. We decided on a Noon-8pm schedule that I believe will work out nicely, even though I wake at the crack of dawn. We ended the night with a few beers and a visit to the Crisis show. Have been seeing them since the nineties, Holy Dreadlock. Im out"

05 Nov 2005

Devildriver Check-In From Tour

Frontman Dez Fafara of Devildriver has posted the following message on the band's official website:

"Hello out there! The dates on this tour have been going amazingly well - especially Monday night's Halloween show in Detroit, which was sold out! Special thanks to the Detroit police department for hanging out with us at Harpo's and showing everyone a good time. No, seriously!

Unfortunately, we woke up the next day to a broken-down bus, forcing the whole band and crew to cram into two mini-vans for the drive out to the next show in Davenport, Iowa - which we did make, by the way!

Thanks to everyone who's been coming out to see us, and hope to see many more of you as the tour moves along - it's been a hell of a ride!"

05 Nov 2005

Children of Bodom Book In Store Appearances

Children of Bodom have booked some in-store signings throughout their US tour. The band will be appearing at the following locations:


256 E. 1230 S.
DRAPER, UT 84020

(602) 866-7867

434 N. COAST HWY 101


05 Nov 2005

Turisas Guitarist Involved In Traffic Accident

The Finnish metal band Turisas have posted the following message on their official website:

"To prevent any more rumours spreading, we need to make the following statement.

Early Friday morning Georg was injured severely in a motor accident outside Hämeenlinna. Due to the unfortunate actions of the authorities, he was found unconscious at the scene of the accident no earlier than 18.00 on Friday evening. Georg is currently being treated at Meilahti hospital in Helsinki. He is still unconscious and in critical condition.

We hope that you respect the anxiety Georg's family and we are feeling at this moment by not posting any questions in our guestbook or forums. We are actively monitoring the situation and will give more information on Georg's condition when we know more."

01 Nov 2005

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