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07 Aug 2005: Singer And Bassist Leave Dream Evil
07 Aug 2005: Two Weeks Without Updates
22 Jul 2005: Blind Guardian Announce Their New Drummer
22 Jul 2005: Helmet's Video For "Smart" Posted Online
22 Jul 2005: Give Your Input For The 25th Roadrunner All Stars CD
22 Jul 2005: Mushroomhead DVD Release Set Back to August 9th
20 Jul 2005: Mercenary Supports Nevermore On European Tour
20 Jul 2005: Schedule of the Blackest of the Black Tour Released
18 Jul 2005: Angra Confirms Two Canadian Tour Dates
18 Jul 2005: Arch Enemy About The Ozzfest

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Singer And Bassist Leave Dream Evil

Vocalist Niklas Isfeldt and bassist Peter Stålfors have left their band Dream Evil. They have posted the following statement on their reasons:

"Dear followers,

Because of personal issues and the fact that Niklas has problems with constantly recurring health problems we have taken the painful decision to leave the band.

All our friends are telling us that it's a bad idea to leave the band now when it's starting to get big, but you may come to a point in your life where you have to make a choice. We have now come to this point in our lives and the choice we have made is to put more time into our families and work.

We've known for a long time that the bigger DREAM EVIL becomes the more time it will take from the other important things in our lives and in time it was inevitable to make a decision. Therefore we have decided to leave DREAM EVIL.

There are no hard feelings between us and the other guys in DREAM EVIL, We’re still the best of friends and they totally understand the position we are in.

So it is with the best confidence we now pass over the mantle to the new members Jake E Berg and Tommy Larsson. They have our blessings and we are confident they will fill our shoes just perfectly and leave nothing for the fans to be desired.

We wish to thank all fans for the support through the years and for making the time in DREAM EVIL a memory for life.

Stay Evil In The Night
Peter and Niklas"

07 Aug 2005

Two Weeks Without Updates

Because of vacations and other more important things there were now news or album reviews posted in the last two weeks. Now however we're back in bussiness and will continue to add content to the website.

In addition there will also be several other updates on For example the earlier mentioned design and layout improvement.

07 Aug 2005

Blind Guardian Announce Their New Drummer

This news was posted on the official website of Blind Guardian by their frontman Hansi Kursch:

"Hi bards,

This time it fortunately is on me to deliver some good news. Very good news in fact!

The seemingly endless time of waiting for a new drummer and speculations who could possibly be the new one has finally come to an end. We have found what we have been searching for…

A few weeks ago an unknown guy who introduced himelf as Frederik Ehmke applied for the job as a drummer in a fairly firm manner. His vital, expressive and skillful performances of some B.G. classics ("Journey Through The Dark“, "Time Stands Still“ and "And Then There Was Silence“) blew us away completely . Pretending not to be convinced we invited him to do a shoot out recording session under real production terms to check out if the creative chemistry would also work out fine. After finishing these recordings it was obvious to us: Frederik is going to be our new drummer!

It was essential for us to find a musician, who on one side would be able to integrate old Guardian trademarks in his play, but on the other side would also be confident enough to bring in his own vision of the BLIND GUARDIAN drums in a tasteful and, for the music, suitable way. Frederik is a calm and handsome fellow, who’s aware of his abilities and who also knows what he wants. For us he is the lucky draw.

We are convinced you will be as impressed by his drum performance as we are. Now we are looking forward to starting the next album production. There is a good amount of work ahead of us but we are absolutely ready to go. You can expect a very interesting album with strong songs on it. We will keep you informed. "

22 Jul 2005

Helmet's Video For "Smart" Posted Online

The new video of the band Helmet for their single "Smart" has been made available on the internet. You can view it for free at this site.
22 Jul 2005

Give Your Input For The 25th Roadrunner All Stars CD

This press release was issued by Roadrunner Records in order to get attention to their "Roadrunner All Stars" CD that is planned to celebrate the label's 25th Anniversary.

"To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, later this year we will be releasing a CD that up until now we have been referring to only as the Roadrunner All Stars. For this historic release, Robert Flynn (Machine Head), Joey Jordison (Slipknot), Dino Cazares (Fear Factory), and Matt Heafy (Trivium) have each written four songs and have assembled their own group of musicians - past and present - that have appeared on RR throughout the years to record 'em. No musician appears on any song more than once (ceptin' for the four team captians), and over 50 musicians will be recording among the 12 songs - (click here for more details).

SO, WHAT DO WE TITLE THIS RELEASE? We are asking YOU for the answer. Come the end of July, we will be picking a name from your entries. The person coming up with the chosen name will receive a credit in the CD package liner notes, plus all the RR 25th Anniversary related releases:"

Sepultura - Roots
Fear Factory - Demanufacture
Mercyful Fate - Melissa
King Diamond - Abigail
Coal Chamber - Coal Chamber
Soulfly - Soulfly
Machine Head - Burn My Eyes
Killswitch Engage - Alive Or Just Breathing
+ 2 more to be named later

You can enter your choice at
22 Jul 2005

Mushroomhead DVD Release Set Back to August 9th

Mushroomhead have pushed the release date of their DVD, that they produced and filmed themselves, back to August the 9th. A statement from 'St1tch':

"Hello everyone. I'm sorry to bring the news about the DVD being pushed until August 9th. I know you all have been waiting patiently for it to be released, we just had no idea orders were going to be such a success. Lumberjack (the distribution company) has decided to hold off to complete all orders around America. However, we are still receiving 1,000 copies and still plan on selling it at the show on the 25th to make sure we don't piss off fans that were going in hopes of getting the DVD that night. So, there is still a signing and you will be able to buy "Volume 1" this coming Monday at Peabody's. The DVD will be in stores August 9th. Sorry for the inconvenience... hope everyone is one the same page now."

22 Jul 2005

Mercenary Supports Nevermore On European Tour

Mercanary has announced that they will support Nevermore on their forthcoming European tour in September and October after they released their new album "This Godless Endeavour" on July 25th. The German trash band Dew-Scented will also come with them.

Mercenary singer Kral's comment:
"I think that Nevermore is Mercenary's collectively favorite band, so to go on tour with this 'godless' outfit at their peak is truly a dream come true. This is the tour we've been aiming at for years. On another note, I´m turning 33 in 2 hours what better way to celebrate this "

20 Jul 2005

Schedule of the Blackest of the Black Tour Released

The schedule for the Blackest of the Black 2005 tour has been released. Among other bands there will perform Danzig, Chimaira, Behemoth, Himsa and Mortiis.

September 30 - San Diego, CA @ Soma
October 1 - Las Vegas, NV @ Hard Rock/The Joint
October 2 - San Franciso, CA @ Backyard At The Pound
October 4 - Seattle, WA @ Premeir
October 6 - Spokane, WA @ The Big Easy
October 7 - TBA
October 8 - Bozeman, MT @ Valley Ice Garden
October 10 - TBA
October 11 - Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues
October 12 - Detroit, MI @ Harpo's
October 14 - Montreal, QUE @ The Medley
October 14 - TBA
October 17 - New York, NY @ Nokia Theatre
October 18 - Providence, RI @ The Strand At Lupo's
October 19 - Atlantic City, NJ @ House of Blues
October 21 - Atlanta, GA @ Earthlink Live
October 22 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Revolution
October 23 - Kissimmee, FL @ Hard Rock
October 25 - New Orleans, LA @ Twiropa
October 26 - Dallas, TX @ Nokia Theatre
October 27 - San Antonio, TX @ Sunken Gardens
October 29 - Los Angeles, CA @ Universal Amphitheatre

20 Jul 2005

Angra Confirms Two Canadian Tour Dates

The power metal band from Brazil, Angra, has announced two tour dates in Canada around their perfomance at ProgPower VI on September 16th in Atlanta.

September 13 - Quebec, CAN @ L'Imperial
September 14 - Montreal, CAN @ Medley

18 Jul 2005

Arch Enemy About The Ozzfest

The following message about their appearance at Ozzfest 2005 was posted by vocalist Angela Gossow at the official Arch Enemy website:


Here we are in Hartford today, played the first 2 Ozzfest gigs + a truly amazing headline show in Montreal, last night on the 16th of July.
Montreal – you guys and girls are simply pure fucking metal!!! Thanx again for the great support, the packed club and the frenetic response! You are the best!

Ozzfest is going really well for us, great crowd response so far – and this at an ungodly, way too early time in the morning. The signings at the FYE and Jägermeister tents are overwhelming. Great to see so many fans there!

Tomorrow we will play another off day headline show in Burlington VT. THE HAUNTED and THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER will be supporting us. Make sure you don’t miss out on a night of raging metal if you live around there, crazy fuckers!"

18 Jul 2005

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