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15 Aug 2005: Green Carnation Announce Finland Tour
15 Aug 2005: Dan Swanö - Second Sky And Unisound Recordings Update
14 Aug 2005: Interview With Dream Theater Keyboardist
13 Aug 2005: Ozzy Osbourne Retires As Ozzfest Headliner
12 Aug 2005: Blind Guardian Announces New Drummer
12 Aug 2005: Green Carnation: Soundclip From Forthcoming Album Released
10 Aug 2005: New Dark Funeral Album Coming
10 Aug 2005: Aborted Signed To Century Media Records
10 Aug 2005: Design Update
08 Aug 2005: Shadows Fall and Fear Factory Tour

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Green Carnation Announce Finland Tour

Due to the big interest in the band, Green Carnation will now come to Finnland for the first time this November. The dates of their tour:

November 25 - Turku @ TBA
November 26 - Jyväskylä @ TBA
November 27 - Helsinki @ TBA

The Norwegians from Green Carnation will join up with the Finnish bands Battlelore and Deathlike Silence at all three concerts.

Singer Kjetil Nordhus said: “I think we will all be up for a blast. We have noticed a big interest in the band from Finland and we have been planning this for a while now. All the members are happy it's been confirmed now, so we can start looking forward to this. And for me, it's going to be great to meet my friends in Battlelore again. I've lived in the same bus as them for three weeks on a previous tour with TRAIL OF TEARS, and we all got along extremely well. So that's going to be a big bonus for me personally!”

Green Carnation will also probably add another gig on the mini-tour, on Monday November 28th, in Tallinn, Estonia. However, this is not yet confirmed.

15 Aug 2005

Dan Swanö - Second Sky And Unisound Recordings Update

The Swedish producer/musician Dan Swanö provides an update on his upcoming Second Sky project, which will be released via The End Records:

“The work on my most precious project SECOND SKY is coming along just fine. The drums have been finished since quite some time, but I decided to cut one track and add two new ones to the record to add a bit more variety to the album, so Peter Damin had to step into the studio one more time to nail these new songs, and as usual, he nailed the songs in about 20 minutes each!”

“Most of the lyrics will have to be rewritten because of my divorce, but life goes on and I have already finished some of the new lyrics. The songs ready for the vocal work are “Hammer On My Heart,” “Right The First Time,” “The Sacred Room,” “The Way” and “Always Tomorrow.” All the rhythm guitars that I should play have been recorded, the stuff left for session guys is still to be nailed. I have also recorded all the grand piano and keyboard stuff. The production of the album is top notch and I am very proud of the basic sounds I have created this far. So the next few months will be spent recording the vocals and the bass. After that the album will undergo the most demanding mix of my career -- but it will be worth every second. Prepare to be blown away!”

He also announced his plans to re-open the legendary Unisound Recordings studio.

Comments Swanö: “‘THE LEGEND IS BACK!’ I always wanted to write that! I have decided to re-open the gates to Unisound Recordings, where I recorded bands like Opeth, Katatonia, Marduk, Dissection, Millencolin, Edge Of Sanity and many, many more.”

"This time things will be a little different though. I am not planning to build a big studio with tons of expensive gear. My primary goal will be to mix stuff: albums, songs, the sound for a DVD release etc. I will also do remixes and such.”

"Over the last year or so I have mixed albums after work and the clients have been pleased with the results and I’m beginning to wonder if I should do this full-time again? So, before I quit my day job, I just wanted to see if anyone is still interested to work with me? Let me know at:"

“For reference, you can contact the guys from Novembers Doom, Edens Fall, This Haven or The Project Hate. I have also done remixes for Pain and, of course, my own stuff like the yet-to-be-officially-released 'Nightfall Overture' album with Nightingale and I am also working with my magnum opus Second Sky.”

"So how do I work?”

"The albums from Novembers Doom and Edens Fall were recorded in America. The files were sent to me on DVDs, along with a rough-mix and a reference CD (a CD from another artist you wish to have a similar sound to). I then mix a track and upload as high-res MP3 to my server. You download and listen in your own hi-fi’s, cars, etc. and all members join up and make of list of changes. We discuss overall changes like, 'The bass is too loud’ or ‘The vocals needs to cut through more’ and other specific changes. The changes are suggested on a timeline like 01:22 'Toms too loud' or 02:32 'Acoustic guitars lower,' etc. After a few rounds, the album is mixed and perfect! I have 100% total recall of all the gear in my mix-suite, so it’s only the details you wish to change that change. The rest of the mix remains exactly the same. No matter how cool the studio monitors sound, we all want to hear what it sounds like in our own stereos before we get the feeling that it’s ready.”

He adds, “Just imagine being able to listen to the mix in your own stereos and be able to change the details -- and have them corrected within hours! And once you cannot find any strange levels or other problems with the mix, that's when the album is ready. No more annoying surprises when it's too late.”

"I will be available from October and onwards."
15 Aug 2005

Interview With Dream Theater Keyboardist

Jim DeRogatis of the Chicago Sun-Times recently conducted an interview with Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess. Here a few of the most interesting parts:

On the group's mix of heavy-metal and progressive-rock:

"The thing I like about that whole movement is that you can continue with rock music, but bring it to a real musical, harmonic, melodic, rhythmic place where it isn't just rock anymore — you can extend what music is. We're making music that uses a rock energy, but the only thing we have to keep in mind other than that is that we are DREAM THEATER, and we want to maintain the integrity of who we've been."

On joining Dream Theater in 1999:

"I had done two albums with the LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT, and both were interesting compared to DREAM THEATER, because with those we didn't have the window or the parameters of what DREAM THEATER is. That was really fun for me to add quirky riffs and spacey things, but right after the second LIQUID TENSION album, I went into the studio with DREAM THEATER, and there were really a lot of differences, although it was most of the same guys.

It was a little hard for me at first: I remember coming in with a ton of ideas, and I wanted to present them all, and they wanted to hear them, but at the same time, they almost didn't want to hear them. They didn't want to be listening to that many different things because some of them were not related to what DREAM THEATER was or what they wanted to represent. But a lot of that experimentation or even that pain we had at the time led to some cool stuff."

On the band's newst album, "Octavarium":

"We had just come off of making [2003's] 'Train of Thought', which was a very heavy album. At first I was like, 'What am I going to do?' But what I ended up doing was having a really great time recreating a sonic world and making these grungy, distorted, heavy things bigger than life.

For this album, we decided to go back to something that was more like a DREAM THEATER album: We called upon our different influences and stylistic backgrounds and created something that is more true to who we are as people. That involved searching within ourselves personally, but also finding out what our common ground is.

Everybody brings something to the table, and we don't pretend not to have other influences. For instance, with the big title track — which I'm very proud of and think is one of DREAM THEATER's best compositions — I dug pretty deep into my background in GENESIS and YES and wanted to bring some of those flavors forward."

On the song "Sacrificed Sons":

"All of the guys love to take serious topics and go for it; we're not writing a whole lot of love songs. With 'Sacrificed Sons', we had some sensitivity there about how we'd present it. I remember there was a lot of discussion about the kind of words that would be used and how direct we wanted to be."

14 Aug 2005

Ozzy Osbourne Retires As Ozzfest Headliner

On Friday Ozzy Osbourne announced that he is retiring as the headliner of the annual heavy metal festival Ozzfest. However, he is expected to finish this summer's tour and plans to make occasional appearances at future Ozzfests.

"After 10 years, the OZZFEST's name and reputation have been established," he said in a statement. "It's time for me to move on and do other things." His publicist noted in a statement, "OZZFEST will carry on in 2006, however OZZY will limit his performances to only a few, select cities."

This summer Ozzy has performed with Black Sabbath as the tours headliner but throat problems have forced Osbourne to cancel several tour appearances.

The full story can be found over at MTV News.

13 Aug 2005

Blind Guardian Announces New Drummer

The German power metal band Blind Guardian have now announced a replacement for Thomen Stauch, who left the band in April after 20 years. The new drummer will be the German Frederik Ehmke. A statement by Blind Guardian:

"A few weeks ago an unknown guy who introduced himself as Frederik Ehmke applied for the job as a drummer in a fairly firm manner. His vital, expressive and skillful performances of some B.G. classics ('Journey Through The Dark', 'Time Stands Still' and 'And Then There Was Silence') blew us away completely . Pretending not to be convinced we invited him to do a shoot out recording session under real production terms to check out if the creative chemistry would also work out fine. After finishing these recordings it was obvious to us: Frederik is going to be our new drummer!"

In addition it has been revealed that the band will start working on a new album in late August which is planned to be released in April 2006 on Nuclear Blast Records. There is no album title set yet, but it's said that it will contain ten songs. According to Blind Guardian some working titles are:

Carry The Blessed Home
The Edge
In Search For The Lionheart
Market Square
Another Stranger Me

The release of the album will be followed by a world tour, probably in June and August.
12 Aug 2005

Green Carnation: Soundclip From Forthcoming Album Released

The band Green Carnation has already released a soundclip of a song from the new album with the name "Acoustic Verses" they are currently working on. The clip is 45 seconds short and still unmixed, unmastered and untitled. You can check it out here.
"Acoustic Verses" will be released later this year on Tchort's newly launched label called SubLife Productions.
12 Aug 2005

New Dark Funeral Album Coming

The Swedish black metal band Dark Funeral have posted the following update regarding their new album on their homepage:

"On Monday, August the 8th, after a 3 weeks break, we will finally return to Dug Out Studio and resume the work on our new, yet untitled full-length album. We expect to have our new Satanic Symphony mixed and mastered within the next two weeks. More information to be announce as soon as it's completed."

10 Aug 2005

Aborted Signed To Century Media Records

Century Media Records has announced the world wide signing of the Belgian death/grindcore band Aborted.

“It’s been a very hectic, intense and heavy year for ABORTED,” says founder and lead vocalist Sven De Caluwé. “Yet a year in which we have done tons of amazing things, went to amazing places and met a lot of cool new people. One of those amazing things is being signed to a label we believe will be able to lift this band to new heights. They believe in us 200% and are going to help us take the next step in our careers.”

“With our North American tour we will finally be able to get out to the U.S. and Canada and do some damage,” De Caluwé says. “Needless to say we are extremely thrilled to hit the road and to be a part of the growing Century Family, a company that stands for nothing but quality releases and that strongly supports every cool act under their wings.”

10 Aug 2005 Design Update

There have now been several more or less small changes to the layout and design of The biggest one being the move from a fluid layout that adjusted its width to the browser window to a fixed width layout.

This move allows us to better control the look of However like most things it has a drawback, too: Resolutions smaller than 1024x768 will now get a vertical scrollbar... so my best tip would be to change your screen resolution. You won't regret it!
10 Aug 2005

Shadows Fall and Fear Factory Tour

It's possible that the bands Shadows Fall and Fear Factory will go on tour in the USA together. The first tour date has already been announced and more will probably follow soon.

November 5 - Detroit, MI @ Harpo's

08 Aug 2005

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