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14 Sep 2005: Lacuna Coil Enter the Studio
14 Sep 2005: Unearth Statement Regarding Next Album
11 Sep 2005: Bloodhound Gang Headlining Tour Dates
11 Sep 2005: Vehemence Announce New Singer
09 Sep 2005: Killing The Dream US Tour Dates
09 Sep 2005: Interview With Helloween Singer
09 Sep 2005: Kataklysm - New Album Recording Finished
09 Sep 2005: Entombed Part Ways With Guitarist
09 Sep 2005: New Dark Funeral Tracks Posted Online
06 Sep 2005: Children Of Bodom World Tour Dates

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Lacuna Coil Enter the Studio

According to a press release Lacuna Coil entered the studio on September 3 and began recording their new album named "Karmacode". Here is the full press release:

"The new effort is currently being co-produced once again with Waldemar Sorychta and LACUNA COIL and will be mixed by the acclaimed Ronald Prent (RAMMSTEIN, IRON MAIDEN) and mastered by Darcy Proper (PORCUPINE TREE, R.E.M.) at Galaxy Studios in Belgium. An early 2006 release is expected.

Andrea Ferro (vocals) describes the meaning behind the album's unique title: "When it came to coming up with an album title I wanted to combine one 'old' word that is spiritually connected with another that offers a link to our more 'modern' times. If there were an actual translation of Karmacode it would be something like 'spiritual DNA and the message behind it'. The title attempts to balance our modern, overwhelming, self-centered, fast-paced lifestyles and the desire we all have to live a more spiritual, more compassionate and more fulfilling life."

With three full-length albums and two EPs to their credit, LACUNA COIL has ensured that each offering further enunciates the subtle, solemn beauty the sextet creates. "Comalies" maturely exhibits the trademarked gothic overtones and poignant melancholy of their haunting musical landscape.

In early 2004, the band's successes were validated with an invitation to participate in that year's Ozzfest, supporting such metal stalwarts as JUDAS PRIEST, SLAYER and BLACK SABBATH. Additional summer touring with P.O.D. and Ozzfest off-date performances with SUPERJOINT RITUAL gave the band its busiest season yet. Led by the undeniably captivating Cristina Scabbia (vocals), the group garnered mainstream acclaim from such publications as Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone and Stuff, among others.

The group spent this summer performing at some of Europe's premier festivals alongside such household names as GREEN DAY, INCUBUS and SYSTEM OF A DOWN, while completing the songwriting process for the new album. "Karmacode" is shaping up to be the band's career defining release and it will force the entire hard rock world to take notice."

14 Sep 2005

Unearth Statement Regarding Next Album

Unearth frontman Trevor Phipps has posted the following message on the band's official site:

"Most of the dates are now complete in the tour section of the site, so go check'em out and come see us this fall. We also have a few smaller club shows with AS I LAY DYING and others during off days on the Slipknot tour.
The headlining run and the SLIPKNOT tour will be our last two tours for a long time. We will go into writing hibernation this winter and record a new record this coming spring. A tentative release date of July or August 2006 has been talked about, so keep your eyes and ears open for news on that.
We will also be throwing a few different songs than the "norm" into our set on our headlining run. Songs that will see the light of day on any given night, besides our regular set, will be "Predetermined Sky", "The Charm", "My Heart Bleeds No Longer" and "Failure".
till next time,

14 Sep 2005

Bloodhound Gang Headlining Tour Dates

The following are the confirmed dates for the Bloodhound Gang tour with Electric Eel Shock and Program The Dead in October:

October 5 - Fort Worth, TX @ Ridglea Theatre
October 7 - Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theatre
October 8 - Anaheim, CA @ House of Blues
October 9 - Ventura, CA @ Majestic Ventura Theatre
October 10 - Los Angeles, CA @ Henry Fonda Music Box Theatre
October 14 - Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre
October 15 - Kansas City, MO @ The Hurricane
October 16 - Minneapolis, MN @ Quest Club
October 17 - Chicago, IL @ Metro / Smart Bar
October 19 - Saint Louis, MO @ The Pageant
October 20 - Cincinnati, OH @ Bogart's
October 21 - Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Concert Theatre
October 24 - Cleveland, OH @ Odeon Concert Club
October 25 - Towson, MD @ Recher Theatre
October 26 - Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory
October 27 - New York, NY @ Irving Plaza w/ FAST EDDIE
October 28 - Boston, MA @ Axis

11 Sep 2005

Vehemence Announce New Singer

The death metal band from Arizona have posted the following message online:

"Vehemence will no longer be working with vocalist Sean Vandegrift (ex-From A Second Story Window). We wish him the best of luck. We now would like to take this time to announce Adam Cody as his replacement. Adam Cody, as some of you may know is also vocalist in Glass Casket (Abacus/Century Media). He filled in on vocals for us during our spring tour with The Read Death and Crematorium, and did an excellent job. He is already working on lyrics and demoing some of our new material. We are glad to be getting back into gear, and expect a very busy 2006.

On another note, we will be remixing/remastering our first full-length CD, 'The Thoughts From Which I Hide', during the month of September. The CD will contain new packaging, and will be made available only at our shows, and on our website, Also, congratulations to our bassist Mark Kozuback for scoring an endorsement deal with Madison Amps.

We'll see you all out there soon!"
11 Sep 2005

Killing The Dream US Tour Dates

The following are the confirmed dates for the upcoming Killing the Dream tour together with No Trigger and Crime In Stereo:

November 9 - Atlanta, GA
November 10 - Gainesville, FL
November 11 - Tapron Springs, FL
November 12 - Pompano Beach, FL
November 13 - Orlando, FL
November 14 - Jacksonville, FL
November 16 - Charlotte, NC
November 17 - Richmond, VA
November 18 - Baltimore, MD
November 19 - Allentown, PA
November 20 - New York, NY

09 Sep 2005

Interview With Helloween Singer

Frontman Andy Deris of the German power metal band Helloween has given an in depth interview in which he also talks about the new album, "Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy", which is due for release via SPV on October 28th, 2005, to the Metal Temple magazine.

Some excerpts:

- Metal Temple: "Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy". Ok, lots of questions concerning your new album. Why did you choose to do a third "Keeper..." album (as a band)?

- Andy Deris: Several reasons. First of all, since Iíve been in the band for 12 years...even with "Master Of The Rings" (1994), we put out "Master Of The Rings", it was several times platinum, seven times gold all over the world and still you had people whoíd sit there and go "why donít you do another íKeeper...í album?" and I was like "fucking crazy people". [Laughs] You release an album that just in its first year sells double as much as the Keepers - nowadays, ten years later the Keepers still sell more because of the time - but still you have to imagine, you go triple platinum, seven times gold and people look at you and say "well, when are you going to do another íKeeper...í album?" [Laughs]

- Metal Temple: Most of them though got into Metal music after listening to the "Keeper..." albums.

- Andy Deris: Absolutely! Still, you look like a bus being hit by a starship...Because...just because! [All Laugh] Even after "The Time Of The Oath" (1996) album, a fucking successful album thereíd be people everywhere going "will you do another íKeeper...í album?" [Laughs] And "The Time Of The Oath" was as a matter of fact something like a "Keeper..." album. It was not the "Keeper..." but as a conception it was about Nostradamus...

- Metal Temple: Yeah and the front cover...

- Andy Deris: Yeah. But we were, you know, "guys we donít wanna do another íKeeper...í album these days" and back then we didnít say why. But nowadays we can definitely say why. We did not have a guitar team and itís no secret, everybody knows Roland [Grapow] and Weiki [Michael Weikath] did not get along very good. So Weiki didnít like Roland, Roland didnít like Weiki....what can you do?

- Metal Temple: If thereís no chemistry within a band then you canít do anything as exceptional as the "Keeper..." albums...

- Andy Deris: Exactly. So at the end of the day theyíd both be idiots.

- Metal Temple: So, that kind of answers my other question I had about why particularly now.

- Andy Deris: Several reasons. Not only because thereís a guitar team. Now, you have two guitarists who like each other, they even sit down on the sofa privately and play guitar together because they have fun playing together. Just incredible. I hadnít seen that in ten years. But they do. And thereís another reason which I personally did not like to touch and thatís the theme of the "Keeper..." album. I strongly believed that it should be sung by Michael [Kiske] or at least parts of it, you know. But then the guys said "look, first of all Michael Kiske said he hates Metal so would you really like to have him on a Metal album? That looks like selling out" you know, because a lot of people will come and say "yes, on one hand itís great you have Michael Kiske singing on the íKeeper...í album but why would you let a guy sing who says he hates Metal? It sounds like a sellout."

- Metal Temple: Michael Kiske is in more albums as a guest than I could count right now.

- Andy Deris: Yeah, which is ok because on the other hand I always say "look, heís a fucking great singer, and itís a fucking hard job to sing the stuff that he did" and "let him live". I mean we all know that heís not very smart in the things he says but still heís a fucking great singer and he needs to live. So, when he sings on a Metal album, why does he do that? Because maybe he needs some money which is fair enough.

You can read the full interview here.

09 Sep 2005

Kataklysm - New Album Recording Finished

The Canadian band Kataklysm have finished the recording of their 8th studio album called "In the Arms of Devastation" that will be released on February 20th, 2006, and followed by a massive touring campaign.

Guitarist and Producer J-F Dagenais comments:
"After having spent 2 months behind the production helm for the new KATAKLYSM album, we have now achieved what we wanted from a to z. I worked extremely hard on this record to get it to sound like no other Kataklysm album and Imust say - when you have the time to work on something, it DOES benefit greatly! I'm really happy with the results we have. Everyone in the band gave 150% and I can't wait for everyone to hear this album. I have to agree with one of Maurizio's previous statements when he said this album at once on a technical side and yet with its blazing tempos, has been the most difficult album for me to record my guitar tracks. Felt like at some point my wrist and fingers were gona give in... but it was well worth the pain!"

The tracklist:

1. Temptation's Nest
2. Let Them Burn
3. Crippled & Broken
4. Open Scars
5. To Reign again
6. In Words of Desperation
7. Like Angels Weeping the Dark
8. It Turns To Rust
9. The Road to Devastation

09 Sep 2005

Entombed Part Ways With Guitarist

The Swedish band Entombed has parted ways with their guitarist Ulf (Uffe/Ufo/Monster) Cederlund.This is the bands official statement on the matter:

"We want to inform everyone that Uffe Cederlund is no longer in the band and that the split is definite and amicable. We wish him all the best!

ENTOMBED will go on as a four piece and are currently finishing up the Inferno tour to start work on the new studio album which will be their best ever!

War y'all!"

09 Sep 2005

New Dark Funeral Tracks Posted Online

The Swedish black metallers Dark Funeral have made available on the internet two tracks from their forthcoming album, "Attera Totus Sanctus". You can download the songs "Godhate" and "666 Voices Inside" here and here.

"Attera Totus Sanctus" will be released on October 24th through Regain Records.

09 Sep 2005

Children Of Bodom World Tour Dates

There have been several updates to the dates of the upcoming CoB world tour Here you can see all currently confirmed dates:

Australian tour:
October 2 - Sydney @ Gaelic Club
October 3 - Adelaide @ Uni Bar
October 4 - Melbourne @ The Corner

Japanese tour:
October 7 - Nagoya @ Zepp Nagoya
October 8 - Osaka @ Zepp Osaka
October 9 - Fukoka @ Zepp Fukuoka
October 11 - Tokyo @ Shibuya Ax
October 12 - Tokyo @ Shibuya Ax
October 16 - Hiroshima @ Club Quattro
October 17 - Sendai @ Zepp Sendai
October 18 - Sapporo @ Zepp Sapporo

Finnish homecoming:
October 29 - Helsinki @ Nosturi

North American tour with Trivium and Amon Amarth:
November 9 - Quebec City, QUE @ Thť‚tre Capitole
November 10 - Montreal, QUE @ Medley
November 11 - Toronto, ONT @ The Opera House
November 12 - Detroit, MI @ Harpo's
November 13 - Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
November 14 - Milwaukee, WI @ Eagles Ballroom
November 16 - Minneapolis, MN @ Quest Club
November 18 - Denver, CO @ Gothic Theatre
November 19 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Lo-Fi Cafe
November 21 - Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
November 22 - Vancouver, BC @ Croation Cultural
November 23 - Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater
November 25 - San Francisco, CA @ Slim's
November 26 - Santa Ana, CA @ Galaxy Concert Theatre
November 27 - Hollywood, CA @ House of Blues Sunset Strip
November 28 - Phoenix, AZ @ Marquee Theatre
November 29 - San Diego, CA @ House of Blues
December 1 - San Antonio, TX @ White Rabbit
December 2 - Dallas, TX @ The Curtain Club
December 3 - Houston, TX @ Meridian
December 5 - Ybor City, FL @ Masquerade
December 6 - Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
December 8 - Washington, D.C. @ 9:30 Club
December 9 - Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
December 10 - Worcester, MA @ Palladium
December 11 - TBA
December 12 - TBA
December 14 - New York, NY @ Irving Plaza

06 Sep 2005

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