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24 Sep 2005: Bloodbath Searching For New Vocalist
22 Sep 2005: Mnemic About Their New Album
22 Sep 2005: System Of A Down: New Album Release Date And Tracklist Revealed
22 Sep 2005: Satyricon: Recording New Album Next Month
22 Sep 2005: Sinergy Drummer Joins Ensiferum
20 Sep 2005: Sepultura Finish Bass Recording For New Album
20 Sep 2005: Stone Sour About Their New Album
20 Sep 2005: Duct Tape Mustache Announced Last Ever Show
20 Sep 2005: Celtic Frost: New Album To Be Mastered This Week
18 Sep 2005: Exchange Links With

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Bloodbath Searching For New Vocalist

The Swedish death metal band Bloodbath is looking for a new vocalist. The following is the announcement from their official website:

"Bloodbath is looking for a new singer that will equal or outdo the two former singers, yes you read that right, so (hint hint), some of you might wanna stop reading here already. Anyways, we're certain a new death metal god is lurking out there as even Mike Akerfeldt (Opeth) and Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy) started out somewhere, being unknown and raw talent. We got a number of very strict rules and high demands and if you dont qualify all of these, then please dont bother applying, thank you very much.


1. Your vocals must be brutal but clear with essential articulation (we'll be judging harshly).

2. The mp3 of your vocals you want us to listen to can be whatever you like, but you MUST also be ready to perform a Bloodbath song upon our request.

3. All various kinds of earlier experience is taken into consideration, but not a demand.

4. The level of ambition, passion and hunger for performing this kind of metal must be at 100%.

5. Keep in mind we're looking for a new frontman, someone able to work a large audience with charisma and skill. Hesitations? Then please step aside.

6. You must be able and willing to commit to touring.

7. Your age is 20+ years old.

We can not guarantee a reply, but will consider and check all mails. Bare in mind, at the same time this audition is running, we're also actively searching among a few well known and not well known names on our own, so the outcome is pending.

Do not contact us before reading the rules.
Do NOT e-mail us mp3s. You must send a link to an mp3 hosted on your server.

To Apply, email with the subject "Bloodbath vocalist application."

24 Sep 2005

Mnemic About Their New Album

This was posted at the official website of the Danish metallers Mnemic:

"Mnemic have commenced work on their 3rd album, which is untitled at the moment. The band is full motion writing the new material and it’s coming along as butter on bread!

The new album will be produced by someone in Sweden who happens to be one of the most acclaimed frontmen/producers in the Metal world today. And yes, he happens to live in the Abyss, and his name is
Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy/Pain). Mixing duties would come from another legend which we'll tell you all about very soon - now go spread them rumors!"

22 Sep 2005

System Of A Down: New Album Release Date And Tracklist Revealed

The next and fifth studio album of System of A Down, called "Hypnotize" will be released on November 22 and therefore only six month after the last album, "Mezmerize". It is released on American Recordings/Columbia and there will probably be two different versions.

The tracklisting:

1. Attack
2. Dreaming
3. Kill Rock 'n Roll
4. Hypnotize
5. Stealing Society
6. Tentative
7. U-Fig
8. Holy Mountains
9. Vicinity of Obscenity
10. She's Like Heroin
11. Lonely Day
12. Soldier Side

22 Sep 2005

Satyricon: Recording New Album Next Month

As posted on the official website of Satyricon:

"Sorry for not keeping touch lately, but we've been busy working! We are in middle of pre-production for our new album and we will start recording October 17th in Puk Studio in Denmark where we did most of "Volcano". We aim to finish the album in January followed by a late spring release. This means we should be ready to do a big festival run throughout the summer and hit the clubs in the fall. Things change and they can change fast too in this industry, but this is what we plan to do as it looks now. We'll keep you posted about this and other projects we are working on too , throughout the fall."

22 Sep 2005

Sinergy Drummer Joins Ensiferum

The Finnish folk/viking metal band Ensiferum have posted the following message on their website:

"As some of you may have already noticed, there's been a new man behind the drums at the live concerts during the past six months. Janne Parviainen (Sinergy, Barathrum) has been substituting for Oliver Fokin and is now a steady member. The main reason for this change in the band was that there were too many differences of interests"

22 Sep 2005

Sepultura Finish Bass Recording For New Album

The following message was posted at the official Sepultura website:

"Almost done? Almost. Last Sunday Paulo finished recording the bass tracks for Sepultura's new album.

Most of the bass lines were done in the studio, while recording them. Song by song working on every detail. Amazing bass sound and really cool bass lines which will make the difference, for sure. You have to listen to understand!

The guys will have a busy week. Tomorrow they will all be in the studio to listen to all the songs - now with drums, guitar and bass - to check how is everything going so far. If needed, Andreas will redo some stuff and then Derrick starts recording vocals.

Thursday they take a break to practice for the show in the morning and do the sound check in the afternoon. On Friday the guys play with Slipknot in Sao Paulo and right after that, back to the studio to finish recording the album."

You can check out a video from the studio here
20 Sep 2005

Stone Sour About Their New Album

Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor (Slipknot) has posted the following message regarding the band's happenings:


Well, it's been nearly 3 years (for obvious reasons), but the wheels are starting to turn slowly on the machine that is Stone Sour! Updates galore and more in store as we begin the pre-production process, so listen up.

- Dave Fortman (Mudvayne) has signed on to produce our sophomore album.

- Recording is set to start Jan. 25th, 2006 in an undisclosed bunker somewhere in America.

- 30+ songs/demos have been written, with a lot more to follow.

- Hopeful to tour starting April/May '06.
The five of us are really fuckin' stoked to begin. In fact, when I called them, my cohorts were really enthusiastic about talking to me...

Josh: (click)
Shawn: How'd you get this number?
Joel: Who is this again?
Jim: Please, leave me alone Corey, not today...

Well, they WERE enthusiastic until they answered the phone. Anyway, more to come soon, people. Thanks for staying with us. To everyone we've been talking to on the road that asked us "When's the new Stone Sour

To quote our unofficial mascot, the honorable J.J. 'Rec' Set, Jr.- 'Bear down on it and give it hell!'

Don't ask: I had chili for lunch.

Love and Madness"
20 Sep 2005

Duct Tape Mustache Announced Last Ever Show

The band Duct Tape Mustache, who announced that they were breaking up over the summer, will be playing their last ever show on October 28th in Mokena, IL at the Pearl Room together with 3-2-1 Activate! and Dance Club Massacre.

20 Sep 2005

Celtic Frost: New Album To Be Mastered This Week

Celtic Frost frontman Tom Fischer has posted the following message in his official blog:

"Walking the last few hundred yards towards my home after the final intensive sessions at Oakland Recording couldn't have been more symbolic. Gusts of wind from an approaching storm were bending the trees on both sides of my path, and low, dark grey clouds raced across the sky, swallowing the bleak, fading fall light as cold, tiny droplets of impending rain hit the skin of my face. As if a harbinger of the reactions to the work we had at long last just concluded. My MP3 player had launched into playing Neil Young's 1969 recording of 'Running Dry', the title of which describes my current state to perfection.

I am utterly spent, exhausted physically and mentally, although now in a state of strange calm, contentment, and tranquility. How good it felt to leave the studio this evening, knowing I will not have to go back to work on this album again. At last. At last!

This Schweizer, the assistant engineer in these final sessions, a death metal singer in his own right, said that it had become an album that grows and reveals new things with each listen. His face, his voice, revealed appreciation, astonishment, and bewilderment, all at the same time. It was the same with Walter, our close friend and Celtic Frost's engineer for so many years, who, theoretically, should be used to our immoderation by now.

The album will be mastered at the end of this coming week, and it will then pass into the hands of our management. Our work on its music has come to a conclusion, finally, after years of writing, rehearsing, demoing, discarding, recording. And not a week, a day, an hour, a minute too soon.

But I'm pleased, although far too worn out to be jubilant. It is pretty much as it needs to be. Who knows whether anybody else out there will like this album or not. And some will hate it with a passion. They probably already hate it now, before hearing it. Makes me chuckle. The situation now feels so much like the first Hellhammer demo, which we knew would provoke radically divided reactions.

But it is as it needs to be."

20 Sep 2005

Exchange Links With

We have just installed a new script at that allows you to add your own sites to our links page. The only thing you have to do is place a link to on your own homepage and then fill out this form to add your site. But please be sure to read and follow the rules on this page!
18 Sep 2005

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