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13 Nov 2005: Trivium Will Be Next In Yahoo!'s Hot Seat
13 Nov 2005: Voivod Release Informations On New Album
12 Nov 2005: A Static Lullaby: Phil Pirrone Benefit Show Announced
12 Nov 2005: Interview With Paradise Lost Guitarrist
12 Nov 2005: Dope Announce Additional Headlining Dates
12 Nov 2005: Dark New Day Reschedule Tour Dates
08 Nov 2005: Madball: Getting Ready For Tour
08 Nov 2005: Nevermore Headlining Shows Announced
08 Nov 2005: Kamelot Comment On Upcoming Tour
08 Nov 2005: Brick Bath Cancel US Tours

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Trivium Will Be Next In Yahoo!'s Hot Seat

Trivium are next in the hot seat of bands fighting for the crown at Yahoo! Music's "Who's Next?" competition this month. You can vote for them until November 20th here. Some of their opponents are 10 Years, 30 Seconds To Mars and The Fray.
13 Nov 2005

Voivod Release Informations On New Album

Voivod's drummer Away has issued the following update to fans regarding their upcoming album and other projects for 2006:

“Dear Voivodians,

"We will do our best to make a great record that Piggy would be proud of as we worked very hard for the past two years on the new songs. Jasonic has already put down his bass tracks and Glen Robinson and I will edit Piggy's guitar tracks in December. We will track my drum parts and Snake's vocals in Montreal in January. Then we'll mix it, get it mastered and released as soon as possible via The End records in USA, Nuclear Blast in Europe and Hypnotic-Linus/Universal in Canada."

"In other news, I am still working on my long overdue art book, coming out on Troubleman Unlimited in 2006. Also coming out next year, DVOD-2, our second DVD which will be covering the 90's line-up with Eric Forrest. Thanks for your patience!"


"P.S. If you get a chance to see the movie "Metal: A Headbanger's History" it is great and has a short interview with Piggy in it. We saw the Montreal premiere a few weeks ago at the invitation of Sam and Scott the filmmakers and they introduced the movie by dedicating it to Piggy, which was very cool of them.”

13 Nov 2005

A Static Lullaby: Phil Pirrone Benefit Show Announced

The following show has been announced to benefit Phil Pirrone from A Static Lullaby:

"On November 19, in Rancho Cucamonga, CA @ The Epicentre there will be a skate demo/concert featuring the skating of Eric Koston, Andrew Reynolds, Jamie Thomas, Paul Rodriguez, Tom Penny, and many more. Plus live musical performances by A Static Lullaby, Letter Kills, Take The Crown, and many more. Phil Pirrone was recently in a near fatal car accident and his hospital bills are enormous. Proceeds of the event will benefit Phil Pirrone and family."

More information here.

12 Nov 2005

Interview With Paradise Lost Guitarrist

Gregor Mackintosh from Paradise Lost recently spoke to Metal Temple magazine’s Chris Downie about various interesting issues. Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

"- Metal Temple: Many long-time fans felt that the decision to move to major label EMI in 1998 was a bad one. Without wanting to start a debate on the merits of major labels, what do you think the band have learned from the overall experience?

- Mackintosh: "[Laughs] Of course it was a mistake, but it’s a mistake that no bands ever learn from. Before we signed to EMI, we used to say ’better a big fish in a small pond’ and then we went and followed suit. Majors tell you what you want to hear, but bail when the going gets tough."

- Metal Temple: In comparison, the band’s profile in the UK has dropped, despite the continued loyalty of a small hardcore fanbase. Is this still a source of frustration for you?

- Mackintosh: "It’s not the fans’ fault. I think it’s more of a media thing. There are a handful of press people in the UK, deciding what everybody should and shouldn’t like. At least in the USA, there are numerous and very varied college radio stations which are a good source for reasonably unbiased views. In most of the rest of the world, there seems to be a decent enough magazine and press network that aren’t all controlled by the same people and have enough of a sales base to make a difference."

- Metal Temple: Having signed a new distribution deal with Century Media Records, which covers the UK and US, do you have any plans to build on the success of the last US tour with Opeth and perhaps return there soon?

- Mackintosh: "I can’t wait. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour with Opeth and we have some great fans over there. From what I hear, we are already looking at a couple of tours of the US early next year."

You can find the entire interview here.

12 Nov 2005

Dope Announce Additional Headlining Dates

In addition to opening up a string of dates for Jagermeister Music Tour featuring Disturbed and Corrosion Of Conformity, Dope will be headlining these additional solo dates:

November 25 - Columbus, OH @ Al Rosa Villa
November 26 - Detroit, MI @ Harpos
November 27 - Cedar Rapids, IA @ 3rd Street Live
November 28 - Flint, MI @ Machine Shop
December 5 - Hardford, CT @ Webster Theatre
December 6 - Cleveland, OH @ Peabodys Down Under
December 7 - Battle Creek, MI @ Planet Rock
December 8 - East Dubuque, IL @ The Arena
December 9 - Edgerton, WI @ Big E's Beach Club
December 10 - Mokena, IL @ The Pearl Room
December 15 - Jacksonville, NC @ Planet Rock

12 Nov 2005

Dark New Day Reschedule Tour Dates

Dark New Day, who previously cancelled select shows in October due to guitarist's Troy McLawhorn wife having a baby, have rescheduled a number of tour dates for this month. Dates are below:

November 20 - Ft Myers, FL @ Bridgeport
November 21 - St. Petersburg, FL @ State Theatre
November 24 - Louisville, KY @ O'Malley's
November 25 - Orlando, FL @ Hard Rock Live

12 Nov 2005

Madball: Getting Ready For Tour

Madball have posted the following message on their official website:

"We are very excited, and we are looking forward to our upcoming European tour, which starts the 21st of October. We'll be over for almost a month, covering 24 cities, and 10 countries. This is our first overseas tour since the release of "Legacy". The response to the new record has been amazing here in the US, and we can't wait to play the new songs for our European audience. Through the years, Europe has been our second home......a place where hardcore has always been strong, no matter what the trends or styles were. We're happy to have along with us, our friends from Sworn Enemy and Since The Flood. We look forward to seeing everyone, new and old, very soon!! "

08 Nov 2005

Nevermore Headlining Shows Announced

Nevermore have announced the following headlining dates for November:

November 14 - Austin, TX @ Backroom
November 15 - Dallas, TX @ Trees
November 17 - Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater
November 18 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Lo Fi Cafe
November 19 - Boise, ID @ The Core
November 20 - Portland, OR @ Sabalas's

08 Nov 2005

Kamelot Comment On Upcoming Tour

Frontman Thomas Youngblood of Kamelot has posted the following message on the band's official website:

"Hello All!

Today we begin the rehearsals for the second round of tour dates for The Black Halo. New keyboardist Oliver arrives tonight in Tampa and we will have Khan here on next week. We will add some new songs that we did not play on the last tour dates in Europe. So fans in Belgium and Holland will see a new set! I also hope to get some new pictures taken while Oliver is. The US/Canadian shows are looking more and more exciting, I have been talking with Jack Frost (Seven Witches) about it and we are going to have a monster time on stage and with all the fans! The dates in Brazil are now set for Sao Paulo and Rio and we will be shooting lots of footage for the upcoming DVD slated for Summer 2006. All the shows on this second tour will hopefully be part of the DVD and we are planning some very special surprises with this production. Norwegian Fans! We are finally coming to see you! I guess we can try some skiing this time in Trysil? Holland and Belgium will rule too, Graspop was amazing. Our friends Epica will play the Antwerp show with us. We are waiting on details regarding the French gigs in Paris and Lyon, I hope to have some news from our management this weekend on that.

We are expecting new dates planned for the Summer festivals as well. OK, got to go, lots to do! I hope to see all of you at the shows!"

08 Nov 2005

Brick Bath Cancel US Tours

Brick Bath have posted the following message on their official website:

"Hey everybody we figured it was time to let you know what's going on...

Due to being stiffed by more than a few promoters and lack of support from our record label (not to mention the hurricanes and soaring gas prices), the band had no other options then to cancel the rest of our tour dates for the remainder of 2005.

We have been out on the road for three and a half months straight and covered a lot of territory in the US. Many of the shows were great and all our new friends and fans that came out to the shows all over the US were even greater. Thanks so much for your love and continued support.

It was our plan once the American Currency CD was released (which ended up having four different release dates) that Brick Bath would stay out on the road consistently for at least a year or more. Going back to the same cities as well as new ones every couple of months to build our following. Believe us…we did everything we could not to have to come back home. That was the last thing we wanted to do!

As many of you know, two of the Brick Bath band members parents passed away just days before the bands US tour started and we had to take care of our own personal situations just prior to leaving. Knowing we were going to be on tour for at least a year solid, we put all our personal belongings into storage and quit our jobs in order to do this full time.

Our label has done very little to promote this album or help us at all. Many promises were made and broken with little to no communication with the label for weeks on end. We had to buy our own CDs back from the label in order to have product to sell on the road. Our manager even had to buy our CDs at retail price in the stores just so he could have product to mail out to magazines and for other business dealings. We had no tour support and paid for the recording of the album out of our own pockets.

Brick Bath has decided to go back to the drawing board and run the machine ourselves again for a while. We have all gotten day jobs again and will save our money in order to get out of debt from the last tour so we can go back out on the road again early next year and hope to see everyone again. We will not give up and we’ll never die. We will however start working on new material for the next CD over the holidays and start searching for a new label that is interested in having a hard working band on their roster.

As always, we will be happy to talk to all of you on our MySpace page as well as our Brick Bath website forum.

See you all soon…"

08 Nov 2005

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