Free Metal MP3 Music Downloads

Many bands offer some of their songs online for free download as a sample of their work. This page contains links to many metal bands that offer such free MP3s on their website, so you can find and download them faster. Please note that those files are not hosted on this site and it can therefore happen that some of the links download very slowly or do not work at all. If you find such a link please e-mail us to and we will take it down. If you know another metal band that offers free and full songs online you can also eMail us and we will add it.

Free MP3s

- Altaria: The Song Will to Live from the album Divinity.

- Arch Enemy: Several songs on their homepage under Music > Samples.

- Brainstorm: 4 Full songs from Unholy, Ambiguity and Metus Mortis.

- Dragonforce: Download the full songs My Spirit will Go On from the Album Sonic Firestorm, Black Winter Night from Valley of the Damned and Valley of the Damned fom their first demo.

- Evergrey: You can download 5 full songs as MP3 here: Recreation Day, A Touch Of Blessing, The Masterplan, Solitude Within and Blackened Dawn, each from a different Evergrey album.

- Falconer: 6 Free MP3s to download from 3 different albums.

- Kamelot: 5 Full Songs from Epica, Karma, The Expedition and The 4th Legacy.

- Manticora: 5 Entire Songs: Help Me Like No One Can, Keeper of Time, The Twilight Shadow, The Vision and The Pain You Offer.

- Pain of Salvation: 7 Full Songs! Download them fast...

- Rhapsody: The full "Knightrider of the Doom" song.

- Savatage: 11 Full Songs and many sound samples!

- Sentenced: 4 Songs: "Neverlasting" and "Blood and Tears" from The Cold White Light and "Dead Moon Rising" and "The Suicider" from Crimson.

- Soilwork: You can listen to the new song "Nerve" from Stabbing the Drama here.

- Stratovarius: Here you can download many Album Medleys, samples and some full songs.

- Symphony X: 9 Full Songs from 4 albums

- Threshold: "Mission Profile" from Subsurface and a live song.

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