Heavy Metal Tabs

Saliva ,alt metal
Samael ,black metal
Satyricon ,black metal
Seether ,alt metal
Sentenced ,death metal
Sepultura ,metal
Seven Channels ,alt metal
Sevendust ,alt metal
Shadows Fall ,metalcore
Shutdown ,hardcore
Sick of it All ,hardcore
Silverchair ,alt metal
Simon Says ,alt metal
Sinch ,alt metal
Six Feet Under ,death metal
Skillet ,alt metal
Skinlab ,metal
Slapshot ,hardcore
Slaves On Dope ,nu metal
Slayer ,thrash
Slipknot ,metalcore
Snapcase ,hardcore
Snot ,alt metal
Sodom ,black metal
Soil ,metal
Soilwork ,metalcore
Soulfly ,metal
Spineshank ,alt metal
Staind ,alt metal
Static-x ,industrial
Stone Sour ,metal
Stratovarius ,metal
Stuck Mojo ,metalcore
Sw1tched ,metal
Symphony X ,gothic
System Of A Down ,alt metal
Systematic ,metal

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