Metal Buddy Icons

Here you can find several hundred free metal buddy icons and band buddy icons to use in the instant messenger of your choice like for example AOL instant messenger or ICQ. If you use AIM you can just click on the buddy icons and they will be added automatically, otherwise you will have to download the buddy icons.

Latest Free Buddy Icons

10 Years ,alt metal
32 Leaves ,alt metal
36 Crazyfists ,metalcore
A Perfect Circle ,alt metal
A Static Lullaby ,hardcore
AC DC ,metal
Acacia Strain, The ,metalcore
Adema ,alt metal
Agony Scene, The ,metalcore
Agoraphobic Nosebleed ,metalcore
Alien Ant Farm ,crossover
All That Remains ,metalcore
As Hope Dies ,black metal
As I Lay Dying ,hardcore
At The Gates ,death metal
Atreyu ,metalcore
Audioslave ,alt metal
Avenged Sevenfold ,hardcore
Beyond The Embrace ,metal
Beyond The Sixth Seal ,metalcore
Biohazard ,metal
Black Dahlia Murder, The ,death metal
Black Label Society ,metal
Black Sabbath ,metal
Breaking Benjamin ,alt metal
Bury Your Dead ,hardcore
Cadaver ,black metal
Caldwell ,hardcore
Calm, The ,metalcore
Cannae ,metalcore
Cannibal Corpse ,death metal
Cattle Decapitation ,grindcore
Chevelle ,alt metal
Children Of Bodom ,black metal
Chimaira ,metal
CKY ,metal
Coal Chamber ,metal
Cold ,alt metal
Comeback Kid ,hardcore
Converge ,metalcore
Cradle Of Filth ,black metal
Crematorium ,metal
Crossbreed ,industrial
Damageplan ,metalcore
Danzig ,metal
Default ,alt metal
Deftones ,alt metal
Demon Hunter ,metal
Desolate Chaos ,metalcore
DevilDriver ,metal
Dimmu Borgir ,black metal
Disarray ,death metal
Disturbed ,metal
Down ,metal
Drowning Pool ,alt metal
Emperor ,black metal
Evanescence ,alt metal
Evergreen Terrace ,metalcore
Evergrey ,metal
Everytime I Die ,hardcore
Faith No More ,alt metal
Fear Factory ,metal
Fingertight ,alt metal
Flyleaf ,alt metal
Forge ,alt metal
From a Second Story Window ,metalcore
From Autumn To Ashes ,hardcore
Gizmachi ,metalcore
Glassjaw ,hardcore
God Forbid ,metalcore
Godsmack ,alt metal
Guns N' Roses ,metal
H.I.M. ,metal
Haste ,hardcore
Hatebreed ,hardcore
Hawthorne Heights ,hardcore
In Flames ,metalcore
Incubus ,crossover
Into The Moat ,metalcore
Iron Maiden ,metal
Kid Rock ,rapcore
Killswitch Engage ,metalcore
King Diamond ,metal
Kittie ,metal
Korn ,nu metal
Lamb Of God ,metalcore
Limp Bizkit ,rapcore
Linkin Park ,rapcore
Lollipop Lust Kill ,metal
Lostprophets ,alt metal
Marilyn Manson ,industrial
Mastodon ,metal
Mudvayne ,metalcore
Mushroomhead ,alt metal
MVM ,industrial
Napalm Death ,grindcore
Nile ,death metal
Nine Inch Nails ,industrial
Nobis ,metalcore
Nothingface ,metalcore
O.h.m. ,alt metal
Old Man's Child ,death metal
Opeth ,death metal
Opus Dai ,alt metal
Orgy ,industrial
OTEP ,alt metal
Ozzy Osbourne ,metal
Pantera ,metalcore
Papa Roach ,alt metal
POD ,rapcore
Poison The Well ,hardcore
Powerman 5000 ,metal
Primer 55 ,alt metal
Project 86 ,rapcore
Rammstein ,industrial
Saliva ,alt metal
Scum of the Earth ,metal
Seether ,alt metal
Sepultura ,metal
Sevendust ,alt metal
Shadows Fall ,metalcore
Sicboy ,alt metal
Since By Man ,hardcore
Six Feet Under ,death metal
Slavemachine ,metal
Slayer ,thrash
Slipknot ,metalcore
Snot ,alt metal
Soulfly ,metal
Spineshank ,alt metal
Staind ,alt metal
Static-x ,industrial
Still Remains ,metalcore
System Of A Down ,alt metal
Taproot ,alt metal
Thursday ,hardcore
Too Many Gods ,industrial
Tool ,alt metal
Trapt ,alt metal
Trivium ,metalcore
Underoath ,metalcore
Unloco ,alt metal
Vehemence ,death metal
Velvet Revolver ,metal

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