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In the table below you can find the links to the album discographies of over 300 diferent metal bands and artists. On the discography page you can find detailled informations about the released albums and the current line up of a band.

Band Discographies

BandCountryMetal Genre
7 For 4Instrumental Prog
AC/DCHard Rock
AcceptHeavy Metal
After ForeverGothic
AjattaraAtmospheric Black
AlkemystMelodic Speed
AltariaMelodic Speed
Andi DerisHeavy Metal
Andre AndersenProg Rock
AngraSymphonic Power
Anorexia NervosaSymphonic Black
ArachnesMelodic Heavy
Arch EnemyMelodic Death
ArkHeavy Prog
ArmageddonMelodic Heavy
ArwenMelodic Speed
At VancePower Neoclassical
AthenaMelodic Power
AvantasiaMelodic Power
Axel Rudi PellMelodic Hard Rock
AxenstarMelodic Speed
BarathrumHeavy Black
Beyond TwilightProg
BlazeHeavy Metal
Blind GuardianMelodic Power
BloodbathDeath Metal
BrainstormMelodic Power
Brazen AbbotMelodic Hard Rock
Bruce DickinsonHeavy Metal
Callenish CircleMelodic Death
CatameniaSymphonic Black
CelestyMelodic Speed
Children Of BodomHeavy Black
ChinchillaHeavy Speed
Circle II CircleHeavy Metal
ConceptionHeavy Prog
ConquestMelodic Heavy
CornerstoneMelodic Rock
CoronerThrash Metal
Cradle Of FilthSymphonic Black
CryhavocMelodic Death
CydoniaMelodic Speed
Dan SwanoProg Death
Dark FuneralBlack Metal
Dark MoorSymphonic
Dark TranquillityMelodic Death
DarkaneThrash Metal
DC CooperMelodic Hard Rock
Demons & WizardsMelodic Power
Derek SherinianInstrumental Prog
DestinitySymphonic Black
DGMProg Neoclassical
DiablerieElectro Black
Die Apokalyptischen ReiterDeath Metal
Dimmu BorgirSymphonic Black
DioHard Rock
DionysusMelodic Speed
DominePower Metal
Double DealerHeavy Speed
DragonforceMelodic Speed
DragonhammerMelodic Power
DragonlordSymphonic Black
Dream EvilMelodic Heavy
Dream TheaterProg
DreamtaleMelodic Speed
DyslesiaMelodic Speed
Edge Of SanityMelodic Death
EdguyHeavy Speed
ElegyMelodic Power
EnsiferumViking Metal
Eternal Tears Of SorrowMelodic Death
EuropeMelodic Hard Rock
EvergreyPower Prog
FalconerMelodic Power
FalkirkPower Metal
FinntrollFolk Black
Freedom CallMelodic Speed
FreterniaMelodic Power
Full StrikeMelodic Power
Gamma RayMelodic Speed
Grave DiggerPower Metal
Green CarnationDoom Metal
Guns N' RosesHard Rock
HalfordHeavy Metal
HammerfallPower Metal
HeavenlyMelodic Speed
HelloweenMelodic Speed
Human FortressMelodic Speed
HyperionMelodic Power
HypocrisyMelodic Death
Iced EarthPower Metal
IllnathSymphonic Black
ImmortalBlack Metal
In FlamesMelodic Death
InsaniaMelodic Speed
Iron FireMelodic Speed
Iron MaidenHeavy Metal
Iron MaskPower Neoclassical
Iron SaviorMelodic Power
James MurphyHeavy Prog
Jeff Scott SotoMelodic Hard Rock
John NorumMelodic Hard Rock
Judas PriestHeavy Metal
KalmahHeavy Black
KamelotMelodic Power
KotipeltoMelodic Speed
LabyrinthMelodic Power
Lacuna CoilGothic
Last TribeMelodic Heavy
Liquid Tension ExperimentProg
Lost HorizonMelodic Power
Luca TurilliSymphonic
Magnitude 9Heavy Prog
MajestyPower Metal
ManowarPower Metal
ManticoraMelodic Power
Mark BoalsMelodic Hard Rock
MasterplanMelodic Heavy
MegadethThrash Metal
Mercyful FateHeavy Metal
MetaliumMelodic Power
MetallicaSpeed Metal
Michael PinnellaNeoclassical
Michael RomeoNeoclassical
Mike TerranaInstrumental
MilleniumMelodic Hard Rock
Mob RulesMelodic Speed
MontanyMelodic Speed
Moon'DocMelodic Hard Rock
Morbid AngelDeath Metal
MullmuzzlerProg Rock
Mystic ProphecyMelodic Power
NarniaMelodic Heavy
NightrageMelodic Death
Nocturnal RitesMelodic Power
NortherHeavy Black
NostradameusMelodic Power
Old Man's ChildSymphonic Black
OpethProg Death
Pagan's MindMelodic Speed
Pain Of SalvationProg
Paradise LostGothic
PersuaderMelodic Power
Planet XInstrumental
Power SymphonySymphonic Power
Primal FearMelodic Power
Racer XHeavy Metal
RagePower Metal
RainbowHard Rock
RaptureDeath / Doom
Rawhead RexxMelodic Power
RequiemMelodic Speed
Ring Of FireNeoclassical
Rob RockHeavy Metal
Roland GrapowNeoclassical
Royal HuntMelodic Hard Rock
SamaelElectro Black
SavatageHeavy Metal
ScorpionsHard Rock
Secret SphereSymphonic
Seven WitchesMelodic Power
ShamanSymphonic Power
Silent ForceMelodic Power
SinergyHeavy Black
Skid RowHard Rock
SkyfireMelodic Death
SlayerThrash Metal
SoilworkMelodic Death
Sonata ArcticaMelodic Speed
Star OneProg
Steel AttackMelodic Power
Steel WarriorMelodic Power
StratovariusMelodic Speed
SummoningEpic Black
Supreme MajestyMelodic Speed
SusperiaBlack Metal
Symphony XProg Neoclassical
SymphorceMelodic Power
TaraxacumHeavy Metal
Terror 2000Thrash Metal
The DefacedThrash Metal
The Sins Of Thy BelovedGothic
Throne Of ChaosHeavy Black
ThunderstoneMelodic Speed
Thy MajestieSymphonic
ThyrfingViking Metal
Time RequiemNeoclassical
Timo TolkkiHard Rock
Trail Of TearsGothic
Vanden PlasProg
VhaldemarMelodic Speed
Victor SmolskiSymphonic
VintersorgBlack Metal
Virgin SteelePower Metal
Vision DivinePower Metal
WitcheryThrash Metal
Within TemptationGothic
Wuthering HeightsSymphonic
X JapanHeavy Metal
Yngwie MalmsteenNeoclassical
ZonataMelodic Speed

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