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Welcome to our tutorial section! Here you can find a broad range of articles and tutorials about general music, guitar playing and bass playing or reviews and comments on mp3 and other music players.

Guitar Tutorials

Articles revealing tips and tutorials about how to play the guitar more effectively. Some of them are aimed at guitar beginners, others can be valuable for professionals, too.

How To Play Guitar Like a Pro!
How To Change Your Guitar Strings
Guitar Practicing or Guitar Playing?
Buying A Guitar
Guitar Performance - Make The Most of It!
Learning The Guitar Fretboard
The Art Of Practicing - How To See Real Results
Avoiding Injuries When Playing Guitar
Turn It Up: Plugging Into The Perfect Guitar And Amp Settings
Modal Theory for Guitar Players - Part 1 Article

Featured Product

MP3 Player Reviews

Reviews of several MP3 players or general buying tips to help you decide for a portable mp3 music player.

How To Buy An MP3 Player
Review of Rio MP3 Players
Choosing a Portable MP3 Player: Part 1
Review of the Apple iPod Shuffle
iPod - The Ultimate Self-Help Tool

Band Articles

If you play in a band or want to start one with your friends you might find some very valuable insight and informations in the following articles.

Musicians: How to Look for Band Members
How to Start Your Own Band
Band Promotion Techniques All Independent Bands & Musicians Need
Does Your Band Need a Manager?
How To Get Big Sponsorship Money for Your Band, Tour, Event or Production

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